Walking down the aisle before noon comes with its own fashion dos and don'ts. See what we told Denisse, who asked us via the Web to weigh in on the common dress-code conundrum regarding a bride baring her shoulders in the A.M.
Credit: Meg Hamilton/Rodeo & Co.

Q: My daughter's ceremony is in the morning, at 10:30 A.M. She wants to wear a strapless dress. Is that appropriate?

A: It's actually the shape of the skirt, not the neckline, that determines whether a dress works for a morning service. "Think of it this way," says associate fashion editor Carrie Goldberg. "Which would be more out of place during a daytime picnic: a simple strapless sundress or a voluminous ball gown?" By that reasoning, strapless is fine for a daytime wedding if it's a minimalist sheath or a modified A-line. Another favorite silhouette for an early ceremony? A tea-length or slightly shorter hemline. "Those cuts make for a great, 1950s-inspired look," says Carrie. Along with cut, consider the fabric. "Something soft and easy, like lace or silk tulle, feels right during daylight," she says. Stiffer materials, such as satin and taffeta, would be too formal.


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