See which of your favorite musicians helped orchestrate some seriously romantic proposals.
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Getting nervous while proposing is totally normal, and being in front of thousands of screaming fans definitely doesn't help! Serious kudos to these brave fans who found a way to propose at concerts. Of course, a little assist (and a lot of encouragement!) from a major celeb like JT or Adele definitely helps. Watch all of the adorable concert proposal videos below!


After noticing a man proposing to his girlfriend in the crowd, Adele stopped in the middle of her performance of "Make You Feel My Love" to ask the couple, "Did you just get engaged?" She then pulled the newly-engaged pair onstage, where they told her the tune was their song. "That was the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed at one of my shows," Adele gushed.

Adele's Happiest Love Songs

Adele (Again)

The singer has a knack for bringing couples together. On the first stop of her tour in Belfast, Adele participated in a fan's propose to her boyfriend, a Leap Year tradition. She even got the crowd to chant, "Come on Neil" to get him to say 'yes' to the proposal, which he eventually did.

Brad Paisley

The country star also stopped mid-song to help a fan propose to his girlfriend. While singing "She's Everything," Paisley brought a couple onstage, where he snapped pictures of the man getting down on one knee. He then continued to serenade them with the rest of the song. We bet this couple already has their first dance song picked out!

Celebrity Proposal Stories You've Got to Hear

Brad Paisley (Again)

When Jason Smith's concert proposal plans (which involved getting close enough to the stage to ask the singer for help) were stopped by a security guard, the eager lovebird took to Twitter to ask for a second chance. "Waited 4 yrs to propose to my gf @ your concert," he tweeted, adding "I actually made this Twitter just to let u know, bc 2 of your songs mean everthing [sic] to us and I wanted to propose to one." Paisley, who coincidentally got married to one of the songs in question, told People, "I couldn't live with the fact that this guy missed his chance to propose during one of my songs in Phoenix. I had to fix that." After inviting the couple to another show, he brought the nervous pair on stage, where Smith finally got to pop the question.

Demi Lovato

Clearly a hopeless romantic, Demi Lovato coordinated with a very dedicated boyfriend to propose to his girlfriend of seven years. "I don't do this very often, but I want to bring someone up on stage," she said during the concert, pointing to a girl in the audience. Confused about what was going on, the girl explained that her boyfriend "left her" and "has been disappearing all night." Lovato then brought him out from backstage, saying, "I believe you had something to ask her?" Following a romantic speech to his future fiancée, he asked, "Will you do me the honor of being with me forever?" Thank goodness she said "yes!" Demi excitedly jumped up and down in the background and dedicated a song to the newly-engaged pair.

Justin Timberlake

After talking to a couple in the crowd, and obviously collaborating with the guy, Josh, earlier that day, Justin Timberlake invited the pair onstage. Josh got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, Kim. She said "yes," and they shared a kiss while Timberlake cheered on in the background.

Harry Styles

The One Direction singer assisted in a fan's proposal at a concert in Atlanta. "I have a friend in the audience tonight," Harry Styles said. "He's called Bradley. Bradley, would you like to bring your girlfriend up this way?" Then, the jumbotron showed Bradley getting down on one knee-we guess he just couldn't wait to walk to the stage to pop the question! "I was very nervous for them, I didn't want to mess it up," said Styles after Bradley's girlfriend said "yes." It turned out, it was also Bradley's girlfriend's birthday!

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga invited her "incredible friend," Jay, and his boyfriend, Sean, up onto her stage in Manchester, telling the couple, "I'm not sure, Sean, but I think Jay might have something to ask you." Jay then got down on one knee in front of the crowd and proposed, and Sean accepted!

Ed Sheeran

The "Thinking Out Loud" singer-songwriter got a little choked up when he helped a fan propose to his girlfriend onstage in Austin. While the future groom gave a romantic speech to his girlfriend, Sheeran sat and watched from a distance and gave the couple a hug once she said "yes." "Proposal tonight in Austin," he later tweeted. "I might've welled up, but don't say anything." Ed, will you marry us, please?


Who would have thought that Queen Bey's "Single Ladies" would help a fan propose? The superstar handed the microphone over to her fan, who said to his girlfriend, "I've been paying real close attention. You said if I like it, I should put a ring on it. Well, I love it." And with that, he did just what the song said and presented his single lady a ring.


The pop star ensured that Disney World's One Magical Weekend festival lived up to its name for couple Joseph and Naveed, bringing them on stage under the guise of a contest. As an unsuspecting Naveed stood blindfolded, Joseph got down on one knee. Kesha stood by for the adorable proposal, to which Naveed responded, "A hundred times yes." Kesha was clearly honored to faciliate, explaining to her fans that "this is like the first time I've ever got to do that, so this is really special."


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