You're engaged! Your first task—after spreading the good news, of course—is to plan your engagement photos. You know your ring will sparkle, but it's what you wear (or don't wear) that sets the scene. Avoid these eight engagement photo fashion faux pas for pictures you'll love just as much today as you will in 50 years.
Austin Trenholm

Larger-than-life logos.

Anything with a giant or gaudy logo is a no go. "The images should be about the couple and their relationship, not a brand advertisement," says Luke Walker of Clark + Walker Studio in New York. Choose something classic. If you want to stand out, try a simple, clean pattern.

Mixed patterns.

If you're wearing an adorable polka-dot or floral-print dress, ask your fiancé to skip plaid or stripes, says Jessica Tincopa of Jessica Elizabeth Photography in Southern California. The mix of patterns is distracting. Choose a single clothing item or accessory with a pattern. Less is more in this case.

Matchy-matchy picks.

It sounds cute in theory, but avoid it at all costs. "The same color or pattern visually blends your bodies together and doesn't create the most flattering looks or shapes," says Tincopa. Instead, find complementary outfits that have a bit of contrast to show off your different styles.

Tight patterns.

"Tight patterns can create a moiré pattern that will take the focus off of the couple and put it more on the strange effect the camera gives to the clothing," says Andrew and Aimee Tomasino of POP Wedding in Pennsylvania. Go for larger patterns or stripes (if you can pull them off), or avoid patterns completely.

An ill-fitting outfit.

Clothes too loose, too tight, or lacking tailoring? Wear something else. "Attire that doesn't fit properly isn't usually something that can be retouched after the fact," says Tincopa.

Anything too trendy.

"Style and trends come and go, but these images aren't just for today or for the latest social media update, they'll be used and looked at for years and years," says Walker. Opt for neutrals in slightly different shades to complement each other.

Casual clothes.

"Athleisure" may be a trend, but we recommend saving the activewear for your workout-not your engagement photos. These photos will be on the save-the-dates, at the reception, and hanging in your home for years to come, says Tincopa.


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