Reader Elana reached out to us via e-mail for advice on how she and her fiancé should present her bridesmaids and groomsmen. Here, we offer some wisdom to her pressing etiquette question.
Credit: Meg Perotti

Q: I'd like to introduce our wedding party at the reception, but my fiancé thinks it's cheesy. Is there a good alternative?

A: While we enjoy watching goofy videos of over-the-top grand entrances, we know not every couple is looking to be the next YouTube sensation. And if one of you is more reserved than the other, prancing out to something from "Jock Jams" isn't going to add up to the wedding of your dreams. Nevertheless, "there are other ways to give your attendants their due," says contributing editor David Stark, of David Stark Design and Production in New York City. He suggests taking a cue from Broadway playbills by including a who's who on the backs of dinner menus left at each place setting. "Print small bios of each player alongside their picture, but use candids or illustrations instead of head shots and quirky text in lieu of a serious résumé," he says. "It's a fun way to introduce your ‘cast.'"


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