Hint: Your shower doesn't have to be gender-exclusive.
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Wedding showers are meant to celebrate the two individuals who have decided to take their relationship to legal status. Showering them with a celebratory event, gifts for the home they're creating together, and a whole lot of love is just part of the recipe for a successful wedding shower. For same-sex couples, the question often comes up of whether the shower should be shared, and that answer largely depends on the individual couple.

What would the couple prefer?

Some couples that are just starting out prefer to host separate parties for their different groups of friends and family. Both individuals may attend each wedding shower, but it's not necessary to overlap guest lists. For more established couples, their friends and family have probably comingled on many occasions and it would make more sense to celebrate with everyone in one place. Deciding whether to host a wedding shower together as a same-sex couple should be up to the couple's discretion.

Who gets invited if it's a shared shower?

Same-sex wedding showers can include guests of all sexes. This means the invitation list should include close friends and family with their significant others. A shared shower can be an opportunity for the couple to introduce their friends and family for the first time.

What should same-sex couples register for?

If they haven't lived together for long or are just starting to build a home together, a same-sex couple might opt for a typical home goods wedding registry. Otherwise, a honeymoon/travel fund is a great option and some couples request recipe books, coffee table books, and art books instead of traditional gifts for the home.

What are some ideas for hosting a same-sex wedding shower?

Depending on the couple, you may opt to throw a traditional shower in an event space or restaurant, a big picnic in a nearby park, get folks together for a cocktail party at a nice venue with a view, host a barbecue in a close friend's backyard, or book out a local winery space. Like planning any gathering for friends and family, this event should be based on the personalities of the people getting married and the location of their loved ones.


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