Wheel in the good times—and good bites—with this unexpected addition to your celebration.
Credit: Bryan Gardner

Universal truth No. 10,578: Summertime and hot dogs just belong together. We also think it's no coincidence that party fuel tastes better when it rolls up, seemingly out of nowhere, at your wedding. Rent this too-cute carrier and ask your caterers to prepare and serve the savory snacks, either as mini dogs during the cocktail hour or full-size ones while everyone is boogying on the dance floor. The best part about this crowd-pleaser-besides the cute vintage-y signage and condiment labels-is that it's totally mobile and can work in almost any venue. Here is how to pull it off.

Rent Some Wheels

To find a food cart, contact a rental company near you. The one pictured here is available to rent at Pushcart Parties (price upon request).

Customize With a Vintage Sign

Make the cart your own instantly by downloading and printing our stylish signage.



1. Download our clip art and open in Adobe Reader. Print onto paper.

2. Cut out with scissors. (For extra stability, glue sign to thin cardboard.)

Credit: Bryan Gardner

Garnish Accordingly

New Yorkers like sauerkraut, mustard, and onions. Chicago dog-lovers prefer fresh tomatoes and hot peppers. And baseball fans from coast to coast are all about the ketchup and relish. Enlist your own favorites for your party. Better yet, give them a gourmet twist. Consider baby pickles, garlic-dill mustard, or spicy barbecue ketchup.

Label Your Condiment Containers

Decant the toppings into plastic containers and slap on our cute labels for a wink at tradition.



1. Download our clip art and open in Adobe Reader. Print onto sticker paper.

2. Cut along the guides and adhere to bottles and jars.


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