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Anything that involves getting your closest friends together to celebrate you is a guaranteed good time. Deciding on what kind of bachelorette party you're going to have-and what type of activities you'd have the most fun doing-is usually the only hard part. For most brides, the idea of turning their bachelorette party into a weekend-long getaway is most appealing as it gives them ample time to unwind with their 'maids. Not sure where to start planning such an important event? Lindsey Sachs, a wedding planner and owner of COLLECTIVE/by Sachs, recommends designing your bachelorette weekend around values and activities you seek in daily life, and creating an experience that is a natural extension of your current lifestyle. "This will make the celebration a more authentic and inspired experience for you and your girl squad." To get inspiration on the best ways to ring in this momentous occasion in your soon-to-be married life, we asked planners to share their favorite bachelorette party activities.

Do a wine tasting or tour.

Cheers the day (or weekend) away with an immersive wine experience. If you're lucky enough to live near a few wineries, or have chosen a destination known for wine a la Napa Valley or Long Island, plan a fun weekend full of tastings. "You not only learn how the wines are made, but you also find out the proper way to taste the wines, pair them with foods, and can figure out your favorites, all while sharing in the excitement of celebrating your upcoming wedding day," says Deborah L. Erb, owner and event planner for Simply Events Inc.

Plan a beach getaway.

Few things can go wrong when you and your girls are sitting pretty with your feet in the sand and listening to the sounds of waves crashing. If you don't live near the beach, there's always a hot spot to fly to, be it the Caribbean, Miami, or on the California coast. "Whether you enjoy pizza on the boardwalk or an elegant dinner at one of the local, top-rated restaurants, enjoy your time with your girls with great conversation, amazing food, and memory-making for a lifetime!" says Erb. "Do remember to plan ahead and make reservations early for the spots you want to be sure to visit, since beach locations often book up."

Go glamping.

If you and your girls are the adventurous type, glamping is a fun way to enjoy the great outdoors with some sophistication and charm. Erb suggests renting a quaint cabin in the woods or, better yet, purchasing a few glorified tents packed with all of the celebratory amenities. "Go for a hike, a swim in the lake (or skiing if it's during the winter months), grill up a delicious no-frills dinner, and then make some s'mores by the fire pit," Erb says.

Plan a staycation.

Who said you had to go anywhere to have a fun time? Create your own staycation experience enjoying the weekend being tourists in your own town. "This option saves on travel time and helps make it easier for friends who would otherwise have a difficult time participating if the group went out of town," says Sachs. "Cozy up in a nearby hotel and enjoy finding new local hotspots for shopping and dining." Add, since you're lying relatively low, don't be afraid to add to the experience by building in an element of surprise! "Book surprise spa appointments, a champagne tasting, a brewery tour, or dinner at a chef's table in a historic or popular restaurant," she says.

Explore a local farmer's market.

This might not be your usual bachelorette party experience, but if you and your gals like to keep things low key, why not explore your town or city's local farmer's market? Sachs suggests starting the day with a trip to a local coffee shop for java and pastries followed by a relaxing stroll to the local farmer's market. "Shop as a group or break up in teams to purchase fresh items to create a local harvest-themed meal," she says. "Once the produce is purchased, return home to spend the day cooking with good tunes in the background." While this is especially ideal for a summer bachelorette party, Sachs suggests opting for an indoor food festival during the winter months.

Take a group fitness class.

Thanks to the growing number of specialty group fitness, yoga, and studio classes, it's easy to find a class that will peak your interest and spark some fun energy for your group. "Be sure to reserve the class early as many sell out, or, consider booking a private class with your favorite instructor," suggests Sachs. "Work with the studio to provide a special healthy post-workout treat or bubbly to enjoy as you cool down. From there, head to lunch with a view and enjoy a long-lasting lunch like those Europeans do!"

Volunteer together.

Let your bachelorette celebration inspire and be a force of good. "Volunteering as a group can bring you closer together by knowing that you're improving the lives of others," says Sachs. "There are plenty of indoor and outdoor group volunteer opportunities that offer hands-on projects." The memories you make and the satisfaction that your generosity and donation of your time and energy will bring will give you something special to share with each and every one of your best girlfriends.

Painting party.

If going away for the weekend is not your style, there are plenty of local activities that will be fun for you and your crew. One that's becoming more popular for bachelorette crowds is a painting party. "There are many art stores and places that offer 'Paint Nite Events,'" says Erb. "If you want, you can even make a weekend of this fun activity by finding a cute B&B to spend the night after a day of shopping, creating your art masterpiece, and then winding down with a relaxing dinner and meaningful conversation!"


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