Both Carlos Correa and his new fiancée went home with a new ring last night.
carlos correa daniella rodriguez
Credit: Daniella Rodriguez via Instagram

Last night was huge for the Houston Astros, who won their first World Series championship ever. The success was especially meaningful for the team, whose hometown faced hurricane devastation earlier this year. One player, shortstop Carlos Correa, decided to make the night even more special. While giving an interview, the athlete decided to propose to the love of his life.

Correa was talking with Fox Sports when he made a surprising announcement. "Right now, I'm about to take another big step in my life," he told the reporter. He then turned to his girlfriend, a former Miss Texas champion, and proposed. "Daniella Rodriguez," he said, while opening a ring box. "You make me the happiest man in the world. Will you marry me?"

Rodriguez appeared completely shocked, and immediately pushed a crowd barrier aside to embrace her boyfriend. She was so overwhelmed, Correa had to remind her to say "yes!" Afterward, the happy couple showed off Rodriguez's engagement ring to the people surrounding them. The huge stone sparkled as fans nearby celebrated both the big win and the successful proposal.

Rodriguez has been with Correa throughout his impressive baseball season. When the Astros won the opportunity to advance to the World Series, she posted snapshots from that game day on Instagram. As the engagement ring and other social media posts show, Correa knows how to spoil his now-fiancée. Over the summer, for example, he posted an image of all the gifts he showered Rodriguez with for her birthday.


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