Well, we know where the couple didn't vacation.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry in Car Waving Royal Wedding 2018
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We may not know where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went on their super-secret honeymoon, but we do know where they didn't go. While attending the Queen's Young Leaders award ceremony yesterday, the prince dropped a major hint about the couple's post-nuptial vacation.

According to People, one of the award recipients, Namibian philanthropist Mavis Elias, got to chatting with Prince Harry. He took the opportunity to ask if it was true that the newlyweds traveled to his country after their royal wedding. "No, we didn't go to Namibia," the recent groom responded, much to everyone's surprise. The location was widely-considered to be the couple's honeymoon destination.

Unfortunately, Prince Harry kept tight-lipped about the couple's actual honeymoon destination. "I'm not going to say where," he told Elias, nodding toward the media representatives stationed around the room. Now that his and Duchess Meghan's vacation is over, we're not sure why they want to keep the specifics under wraps. Whatever the reason, they've certainly done a great job-they've left fans thoroughly confused about where they vacationed!

Namibia wasn't the only African honeymoon destination there were rumors about. Previous reports suggest that the couple might've gone to Botswana or Zimbabwe instead. It was also briefly alleged that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were vacationing in Canada, but their rumored venue (Jasper Park Lodge) denied those claims. Still others thought they might've stayed at Ireland's Ashford Castle, but again, that wasn't confirmed. Either someone's lying to keep the information private, or there's an entirely different-and true-destination!


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