Blooming Backdrop

In her new book, Oh Joy! 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy, Oh Joy! blogger Joy Cho shares a way to bring nature indoors, no matter the season—a flower wall that can instantly transform any blank slate into a focal point at your celebration.

Photo: Casey Brodley


  • Flowers (paper, silk, or real) Tip: Use paper or silk flowers for a long-term decorative element or living flowers for a short-term event.
  • Contact paper
  • Circle cutter


  1. Cut 2-inch round circles from contact paper (Joy loves gold!).
  2. Test the contact paper on the area ahead of time to make sure it won't harm the wall. Then use the sticky circles to adhere the blooms to the wall.
  3. Arrange however you like.
Casey Brodley


Find more DIY projects in Oh Joy! 60 Ways to Create & Give Joy ($27.50;

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