22 Best-Dressed Summer Wedding Guests

summer wedding guests umbrella
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You've sent in all of your RSVPs and purchased your gifts. Now it's time to decide what to wear to each of weddings you're slated to attend this summer (they don't call it wedding season for nothing!). Whether you're attending semiformal nuptials in the city, a casual affair on the beach, an afternoon party in a garden, or a black-tie fête in a ballroom, you're going to want to embrace the warmer weather, so allow the soaring temps and summer motifs to dictate your fashion choices. Opt for dresses that tastefully bare skin, pick lightweight fabrics (guys, especially!), and play with prints and color.

There are so many ways to nail a spot on the best-dressed summer wedding guest list, as evidenced by the following attendees at real celebrations. From ethereal floor-length gowns in the brightest of brights (chartreuse!) to mid-length dresses in summer's lace of choice (eyelet!), the options are truly limitless. Fall in love with floral prints and summery colors all over again, whatever your personal style. If you're tastes err on the bolder side, consider exotic patterned blooms and palm prints when choosing attire. Searching for something subtler? There's no better time to pull out your blush pinks, ice blues, and the rest of the pastel color family than at a summertime fête.

Of course, there's plenty of variety in store for the guys, too. The guys can choose to don light blue or linen suits at formal events, or wear light pink chinos at more casual parties. As for what's always appropriate? A patterned bow tie in the season's splashiest colors. Ready to see all of these fashion-forward guest looks for yourself? Click through for all the summer wedding guest attire inspiration you'll need this season.

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Next-Level Shoe Choice

summer wedding guests shoes
Ashley Sawtelle

If you're looking for the definition of summer casual, this is it. Pair ethereal patterned dresses with punchy block heels (so retro!) and sleeker silhouettes with your best kicks—sparkly Converse, included.

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Summer Black-Tie

summer wedding guests black tie multi color
Caught the Light

There's no better time of year to wear chartreuse than summer, so take advantage of the opportunity and don something super-splashy. For a black-tie celebration, choose something floor-length. More of a multi-color maven? Make like the guest on the left and opt for a tropical-inspired gown in a relaxed jersey fabric.

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Color Coordinated

summer wedding guests color coordinated
Adam Barnes

Color coordinating with your friends is never a bad idea (and makes for the ultimate Instagram). Branch out, though, and choose a general palette—not a specific shade—to adhere to. True bink, blush, and rose-gold metallic is definitely a scheme to emulate.

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Navy and Pink

summer wedding guests navy and pink
Kallima Photography

Everything about these ladies' looks are appropriate for a lakeside celebration. Navy eyelet lace? Subtly nautical. Splashy pink with notes of blues? Just the right amount of ocean influence. Take note of these dresses' hemlines, too: the midi length is particularly popular this season.

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summer wedding guests shades
Jessica Lorren

An outdoor summer party, regardless of the formality level, calls for sunglasses. We love how this guest paired her graphic floral print wrap dress with a pair of cat-eye sunnies.

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summer wedding guests cropped top
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Embrace the higher temps and opt for an ensemble with a tasteful crop top. A voluminous mid-length skirt, like this guest's, is the way to go on the bottom.

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summer wedding guests sleeveless dresses parasols
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Brides, take note—most of your female guests will opt for sleeveless dresses (like these!), which makes protection from the sun a must, especially if you're getting hitched in the middle of an open field. Add vintage-inspired parasols and sunscreen to your list of ceremony staples.

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For the Guys

summer wedding guests mens polished suits ties
When He Found Her

A black-tie wedding means polished suits and ties for the guys, regardless of the season. To give your look a summer vibe, accessorize with a colorful bow tie, à la the guest on the right. Also an option? Instead of the classic navy ensemble, choose something in gray linen.

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summer wedding guests aquamarine
Kallima Photography

If the reception's dance floor is on the beach, a jumpsuit (you won't have to worry about wind!) in the color of the ocean is a pretty option.

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summer wedding guests fashionista metallic
Alicia Nacenta

Multi-colored? Check. Bright pumps? Check. Straw hat? Check. This high-fashion look screams summer.

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Bold Prints

summer wedding guests bold warm prints
Cynthia Chung Weddings

Bold prints and bright colors are summer wedding staples, and these chic ladies made sure their traditional attire fit the bill.

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summer wedding guests metallic dress pink ensemble
Kurt Boomer Photography

There's a way to do deeper hues in summer—just make sure they have a little sheen, like this lady's sequin-adorned mini dress. As for her date? He'll convince your guy to take the plunge on a pink ensemble (we're loving those pants!).

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Group Shot

summer wedding guests group warm weather dresses
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Copy any guest in this group and you're guaranteed a great wedding look. From one-color dresses in season-ready shades (fuchsia!) and bold floral patterns to a slate number with pretty sequins, each woman's attire is a warm-weather win.

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Seasonal Accessories

summer wedding guests head wrap
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If the bride and groom ask their attendees to wear certain colors—say, black and white—you can still let your personal sense of style shine through. The female guest here repurposed a scarf into a pretty hair accessory while the the male guest upgrade his look with a gray vest.

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summer wedding guests girl dress
Corey Torpie

Dressing your child for a family wedding? Replace popular florals with a print that's just as popular, but not regularly seen on garments: cacti!

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summer wedding guests polk dot black and white
Ray Kang

Everything about this guest's look, from her polka-dot dress to her black-and-white hat, feels perfect for an al fresco fête.

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kourtney justin wedding mexico guests
The Grovers

This group shows how easy it is to make your own personal style work for a beach celebration. Choose bright and bold hues (in form-fitting silhouettes!), neutral blush shades, and subtle floral motifs. As for the guys? Make like the fella on the far left and brighten up your suit choice with an unconventional shade, like cerulean.

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Sea Motifs

laura john wedding massachusetts guests
Edward Winter / READYLUCK

We doubt you'll ever find a more perfect dress for a Martha's Vineyard wedding. Seashells, ducks, and beachy blooms made this guest's attire a winner.

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Jewel Tones

wedding guests colorful dresses
The Edges Wedding Photography

Who says jewel tones are fall-only shades? The guest on the left elegantly pulled off emerald and ruby shades, thanks to her rose-patterned skirt. As for the guest on the right? She demonstrated that deep red is a year-round hue.

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Blue Eyelet

wedding guests
Joel Serrato

Sapphire blue might feel like a fall or winter color, but when you pair it with eyelet lace, the unofficial fabric of summer, the hue is perfectly seasonal. Another unexpected choice for summer? Plaid! The guest on the right proved that you can wear the cold-weather fabric during the warmer months so long as it's done in lighter shades of blue and green.

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Traditional Attire

wedding guests
Meg Smith

Attending a traditional Indian wedding this summer? Opt for attire in bold hues, like lime green, rainbow, yellow, and red.

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Color Combos

wedding portrait
Jesse Leake

We're loving the two summer color combos these two guests perfectly illustrated: burgundy and red and terracotta and jade.

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