It can be challenging.
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Daytime wedding makeup is often considered the most challenging because natural sunlight can easily expose imperfections, flaws, creases, and lines-never mind any unevenness in the makeup itself. We spoke to top makeup artists to get all the scoop on daytime wedding makeup. Remember these hacks and you'll look gorgeous all day long.

Swab Your Skin First

"Try using witch hazel on a cotton ball all over the face before using any products on extremely oily skin," says pro makeup artist Missy Brown.

Steer Clear of Anything Labeled "Creamy" Under Your Eyes

"Anything creamy under the eyes can emulsify your pencils and make them run," shares Alejandro Falcon, Artistic Director for Osmosis Colour, of hacking your daytime wedding look. "It is important to always have a dry area under or over your eyeliner application to prevent smearing during the day."

Layer Your Blushes

"Apply a powder blush over a cream blush in the same color," explains makeup wiz Gabriel Almodovar. This technique creates rich, deep color but also makes it look as flawless and natural as possible for your daytime wedding.

Powder Your Lips

It may sound super weird, but Almodovar suggests grabbing some power to give your lips serious staying power through sunlight, kissing, and sipping. "Moisturize you lips before applying lipstick, then set it with a tiny amount of loose translucent powder."

Moisturizer Is Totally Necessary

Dry skin creates cracks and crevices for makeup to gather in. The best daytime wedding makeup comes from having a smooth, supple surface to work with. "I prep all of my brides with a great moisturizer first, makeup applies and looks best on hydrated skin," shares pro makeup artist Samantha Barry-Agostino.

Color Inside the Lines, Too

"The most effective way for a bride's lipstick to last all day is to line the entire lip with lip liner," makeup artist Michelle Schultz says. "The liner creates a layer of primer in between her natural lip and lipstick."

A Little Dab Is All You Need

If you're looking to prolong the life of your concealer and make your eyes look effortlessly radiant in any light, Israeli makeup artist Diana Heuman suggests setting your concealer with her favorite hack. "After applying under eye concealer and setting it with powder, add another step. Spray some makeup setting spray on a sponge and pat over the area. That will stop it from looking cakey and help prevent it from creasing."

Eyes First, Face Later

"To avoid raccoon eyes, do your eye makeup first, before your foundation and concealer to avoid fall out and 'raccoon eyes' later in the day or after hours of squint-smiling," says celebrity makeup artist Gabriela Cardenas.

Prime Your Eyes

Eyelid primer is a key step so many brides seem to miss when they're prepping for their perfect day. Not only does it keep your shadow and liner in place, it actually helps set the stage for the way the makeup adheres to the skin and the texture it has after several hours of wear. The most natural looking eye makeup is on well-primed eyes. "Always start with an eyelid primer to ensure that your eye shadow will last until you wash it off," explains Jill Glaser, makeup artist and founder of Make Up First School of Makeup Artistry.

Add an Appropriate Powder to Everything

Layering a little translucent powder of your lipstick isn't the only time powder makes sense. In fact, pro makeup artist Francesca Giaimo says that just about every cream or moisture-rich makeup product out there has a matching powder counterpart. "Layering powder formulas over cream formulas is the best, tried and true way to ensure a long lasting makeup application. Cream shadows, cheek colors, and pencils should all be set with their coordinating powder counterparts." Powder sets the look, but also gives a matte, velvety finish to the face that plays extremely well with daytime lighting.


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