Hurd also dished on the singer's engagement ring.
Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd
Credit: Maren Morris via Instagram

Maren Morris and fiancé Ryan Hurd have officially started planning their wedding. The couple spoke with Entertainment Tonight and revealed how they've been prepping for the big day. Morris also dished on Hurd's proposal, and the couple revealed more about the singer's engagement ring.

"I know what she likes and I had somebody in Canada put it together. The stone is from New York City, it's from an uncut diamond, and then the rest of it's cast just custom for her," Hurd said of the special piece of jewelry. "I couldn't just buy something. I had to make it something that fit her." As for the actual proposal, Marris absolutely loved it. "Oh, I sobbed. I mean it was so emotional and so perfect," she shared. "He's a very thoughtful human being, and I feel like the proposal was just as thoughtful as he always is. So it was perfect."

While the couple admits they haven't done much in the way of wedding planning, they have been discussing some details. "I think we're kind of honing in on the springtime, before we kick off our tours again," Morris shared. Generally, though, the pair admits that they're moving at a "glacial pace." According to them, that's totally fine though-they're "just enjoying being engaged."

The country star announced her engagement in July with a social media post. In the caption of the news-sharing Instagram, she simply wrote "Yes" with the diamond-ring emoji. The photos showcased her one-of-a-kind engagement bling and her sweet relationship with Hurd.


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