Who should be responsible for moving gifts after the ceremony—and where should the presents be stored?
Credit: Raymond Hom

When attending a wedding, most guests purchase a gift for the bride and groom. Online wedding registries are becoming increasingly popular since they make ordering and delivery easy and gifts are sent straight to the couple's preferred address. But some guests opt to bring physical gifts to the ceremony instead, especially if they're giving cash, personalized presents, or gift cards. Oftentimes a couple will set up a table at the ceremony for corralling all of these gifts. But who is responsible for moving them after the wedding? Here are a few guidelines to follow.

Who Should Manage Gifts?

Before the wedding, a bride and groom should appoint someone to manage the gift table. This can be your wedding coordinator (given they aren't too overwhelmed with other big day tasks), a parent, a friend, or a member of the bridal party. Give them instructions on when and where to move the gifts, making sure they won't miss any important moments of the ceremony and reception while completing the task. If needed, this person can also watch over the gift table throughout the wedding, hopefully preventing any acts of theft from wedding crashers or passersby.

Where Should Gifts Be Relocated?

Gifts should be relocated somewhere safe and accessible; the exact location will depend on your ceremony location and transportation options. If you're getting married near lodging accommodations, have a friend move gifts to your hotel room, a parent's room, or a friend's room. On the other hand, if you're tying the knot in a secluded area, consider storing gifts in someone's locked car. Smaller items, like cash and gift cards, should be safely tucked away into the glovebox. The owner of the car will transport the gifts home after the ceremony, where the newlyweds can pick up them later. Also consider bringing up the situation with your venue; they may lend you a locked storage room for your gifts.


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