The key to the whimsical collection shown is to mix your media.

First, commission this suite's paper elements from Print Icon ( Then add the fabric yourself, using an adhesive laminating machine like the Xyron (available at craft stores). The invitation has Liberty of London "Tana Lawn" fabric ($37/yd, adhered behind the cut-out initials, and denim covering the back.

Tools and Supplies

  • Wedding invitation with cut-out letters (from Print Icon,; or design your own)
  • Print fabric (use a woven fabric instead of a knit)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Denim fabric
  • Adhesive laminating machine, or sticker maker, such as Xyron

Basic How-To

1. Cut a square of print fabric that's big enough to cover your invitation's cutouts. Attach it to the back, color showing through initials, with double-sided tape.


2. Cut a piece of denim that's the same width as the invitation and 1 inch longer. Run it through an adhesive-laminating machine to apply a sticky coating to the back of the fabric.


3. Affix the denim to the back of the invitation, folding the extra inch around the bottom so it creates a border.


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