July 29, 2011

The key to the whimsical collection shown is to mix your media.

First, commission this suite's paper elements from Print Icon (printicon.com). Then add the fabric yourself, using an adhesive laminating machine like the Xyron (available at craft stores). The invitation has Liberty of London "Tana Lawn" fabric ($37/yd, bandjfabrics.com) adhered behind the cut-out initials, and denim covering the back.

Tools and Supplies

  • Wedding invitation with cut-out letters (from Print Icon, printicon.com; or design your own)
  • Print fabric (use a woven fabric instead of a knit)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Denim fabric
  • Adhesive laminating machine, or sticker maker, such as Xyron

Basic How-To

1. Cut a square of print fabric that's big enough to cover your invitation's cutouts. Attach it to the back, color showing through initials, with double-sided tape.

2. Cut a piece of denim that's the same width as the invitation and 1 inch longer. Run it through an adhesive-laminating machine to apply a sticky coating to the back of the fabric.

3. Affix the denim to the back of the invitation, folding the extra inch around the bottom so it creates a border.


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