Ask each and every florist these questions before you make your final decision.
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Ranunculus, dahlias, peonies-the floral options alone are enough to make your head spin. And trying to figure out who to hire to arrange all those beautiful blooms? That's a process in and of itself. To help make your decision easier, we asked a pro to share the four most important topics to cover with a prospective florist. If you both see eye to eye on each factor, you can be sure that this is the person who will make your Pinterest board a reality.


Okay, so this one isn't really a topic of conversation, but more of a feeling to be aware of. "One of the most important things brides or grooms should consider when choosing a floral designer for their wedding is trust," says Kelly Dolloff of Artistic Blossoms. "Of course, in your preliminary research when flipping through magazines and searching the web, make appointments with designers whose aesthetic you are drawn to, but once you make your appointments look for personality and trust."

Their Process

Once you've aligned on aesthetic and your personalities are vibing, it's time to talk strategy. "In this initial meeting, ask the floral designer how their design process works," suggests Dolloff. "How many meetings will it take to finalize the design plan? What kind of approach do they take to blossom selection? How do they structure their design timeline, payment, etc.?" The more you can know about the process upfront, the more comfortable you'll be as the big day approaches.

The Alternatives

You're talking to a professional-take advantage of their expertise! If there's a blossom you're in love with, see if the florist agrees with your pick or if they have a suggestion for improvement. Above all, Dolloff reminds brides to remember one thing: "Flowers are a thing of nature," she says. "They come in all shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, and, most importantly, are seasonal. Flowers cannot be a single perfect color that will exactly match a color swatch, so be sure to be open to a range of color."

The Delivery

Finally, Dolloff says there's one detail more brides forget than anything else: The delivery. "Make sure to ask about how your florist delivers and how they coordinate delivery for the big day!" Once you've covered everything from design to delivery, just sit back and let your florist do the job! With the research behind you, you're well on your way to an array of beautiful blooms.


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