Perfect for every type of bride.

While bachelorette parties go through trending cycles of what's in and what's passé, there are a few ideas that never go out of style. Since the bride you're planning a pre-wedding celebration for probably has a ton of interests, here we've setup a few options for her varying styles. You might find that planning a full weekend agenda works best with a mix of some of the activities suggested below.

A Foodie Adventure

The foodie bride is usually the easiest to plan a bachelorette party for. What she loves is good food, good wine, and wonderful company. You can't go wrong planning a weekend based around these highlights, so go ahead and hire a car to take you all wine tasting or pile up in the back of your SUV to head to your nearest olive orchards for an olive oil tasting and picnic lunch. You could also hire a private chef to setup a catered dinner or cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres at a nearby park or in someone's big backyard.

A Relaxing Weekend

Check out a cool penthouse hotel suite at a resort with a great spa and plan a Saturday night of relaxing massages and a Sunday full of lounging in the heated pool and getting body scrubs. Aromatherapy classes and soap making courses could also be fun if your bride is the queen of relaxation, and a gift of comfy linen pajamas or a beautiful vintage silk robe make a great surprise from her 'maids.

A Big City Bash

For the bride who just loves a night out in the city, a trip to Chicago, Miami, LA, NYC, or New Orleans are all great options. If you're able to get a crew together for a long weekend away, you might opt save on cheaper hotel rooms so you can splurge on a couple of big nights out, or stick with a city that's more budget-friendly for all the guests. Renting a house for the weekend means you can cook a few meals together and save on the expense of eating out with a large group.

A Few Days in Nature

For the nature goddess, a road trip to see wildflowers is always a win. Basically anywhere you can rent a cabin in the mountains or near a river makes a lovely getaway for the nature-loving bride. Maybe plan to have a little pool party one night, a hiking trip the following day, and an evening spent under the stars with the whole gang around a campfire. Think of it as planning a grown-up summer camp weekend and you're sure to have a blast. For this bride, you might consider pitching in to get her a Polaroid camera and film so she can document the weekend in nature with besties and her honeymoon too.

An Art-Centric Celebration

Artisan classes like shibori, block printing, and weaving all make for awesome gatherings to celebrate a bride to-be. Check out your local craft scene and find out if you can hire an artist to set up shop in someone's backyard for a demo and day spent drinking rosé and making things. For an artistic bride who loves a bit of culture too, you might see if you can coordinate a private tour of new exhibit at the local museum or rent out an art gallery for an evening soiree.


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