Casey Wilson and David Caspe's Harmonious Rehearsal Dinner

This fun California pair behind the shows Marry Me and Happy Endings gathered their whole group for a Tex-Mex feast, then an epic sing-along around a piano.

Photo: Ralph Goodrich

On the night before their wedding at the Ojai Valley Inn, the groom's parents hosted the nearly 190-person guest list at the property's Big Red Barn for a margarita-fueled Tex-Mex feast. The night started off tame, with about 10 different friends giving heartfelt toasts-that is until their Happy Endings castmate Adam Pally took the mic. "Adam roasted us hard," Casey says with a laugh. "He said, ‘You know, the property is all abuzz that there's a celebrity wedding here,' but that they were all disappointed when they found out it was me. Such a beautiful toast from a friend!"

Ralph Goodrich

After dinner, the soon-to-be newlyweds originally planned to have karaoke, "but we felt like so many of our friends are performers that it might not feel comfortable for, ya know, my aunt to get up there," Casey says. Their new idea: hiring a piano player who led the whole group in a sing-along. "I was so afraid no one would do it, and it would just be my five girlfriends from high school singing ‘Part of Your World,'" Casey says, "but from the minute the piano player started, nobody left that piano for three and half hours." Attendees huddled around songbooks and belted out tunes from Bruce Springsteen (David's favorite) to Billy Joel. "Everyone just called out requests, took shots, and stood around the piano," David says. "It was so much fun."

Ralph Goodrich
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