Don't forget the umbrellas!

With an incredible selection of flowers in bloom and bright produce beginning to pop up, spring weddings are always full of beautiful bounty. But no matter how pretty you can expect a spring wedding to be, it's important to remember that these seasonal celebrations don't come without their surprises: Impromptu rain showers and record-level heat are just a couple of things you'll need to consider when planning a spring soiree. Here, we share ten things every spring bride and groom needs to plan for so you don't end up scrambling on your big day.

A thorough contingency plan for rain.

Umbrellas alone won't cut it if the rain kicks in, so you'll need to have an indoor option for all of your wedding events in case it looks like a storm will be passing through. If there's no indoor option at your wedding venue, you'll want to reserve a tent to keep all the celebrating under cover.

The amount of mud that gets kicked up during a downpour.

While you may think you're prepared for rain with a tent on reserve, be sure to chat with your rental rep about flooring options. If there's a big deluge of rain, odds are all the grassy areas will get muddy fast (yep, even if they're under the cover of a tent). The last thing you want is everyone dancing in a mud puddle, or leaving your wedding early with his or her attire ruined.

A budget and plan for any last minute changes.

Rain contingency plans can be a costly endeavor, so you'll want to make sure you include this possibility in your budget from the very beginning. Waiting until the last minute to reserve a tent often results in added financial stress and the equipment isn't guaranteed to be available.

A plan to handle record-level heat.

While rain may be an obvious element to plan for, heat isn't always taken into consideration. Don't forget that spring days can get incredibly hot. You'll want to make sure you have cool-down zones with fans and shade for you and your guests.

Make the most of the season's bounty.

What a shame it would be to have a spring wedding that doesn't glorify all the bounty of the season! Chat with your florist about what's in season during your wedding month, and work with the catering team to create a menu that's filled with fresh, local ingredients.

Keep your DIY projects in check.

Taking on too many DIY projects is a no-no at any time of year, but spring crafts can be even more exciting with all the gorgeous floral ideas out there. Be cautious about taking on too many projects as this can add a lot of undue stress to your wedding prep.

Plan a (realistic) trial run for your hair and makeup.

Anyone who lives in a warm climate knows that muggy, hot weather quickly leads to melted makeup and frizzy hair. To see how your big-day beauty plan will hold up in the elements, be sure to schedule a trial for a day when you'll have time to spend outdoors. You might also want to chat with your stylist about products you can use that hold up to the elements.

Remember the guest experience.

How your friends and family feel at your wedding is of upmost importance if you want to be considered a good host. Offering guests welcome amenities when they check into their hotel, something to drink during an outdoor ceremony (even if it's just cold cucumber water), umbrellas at outdoor walkways during a rainy wedding, and shawls if there's a breeze all adds up. Plan it in advance and decide what to offer guests based on the weather forecast that week.

Think about a cool spot for the wedding cake.

There's really nothing sadder than a buttercream wedding cake disaster. When you're ordering your cake, you'll want to chat with your baker about the reception setting and how long the cake will need to be outdoors. This helps them determine what type of frosting to use, how many layers are reasonable, and when to deliver the cake. Remember that a tiered cake usually can't be moved once it's set in place, so this is an important factor to think through in heat or rain.

Eating and drinking on your wedding day.

You'd be surprised how many people forget to eat and drink water during their wedding day. Don't be one of those brides who lose energy too early in the night because of a lack of food and water. In fact, you might want to ask a bridesmaid to make this her responsibility for the day.


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