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Tradition may have only designated one maid of honor, but that doesn't mean you have to follow suit. In fact, more and more brides are choosing to give two women the maid of honor title for their big day for various reasons. Perhaps they have two sisters, or two best friends-or they have one sister who's far too young to handle the duties required by the maid of honor, so they ask their best friend to step in as co-maid of honor. Whatever your reasons, there are countless benefits to doubling up. Here, wedding planners share some of the reasons why it's even better to have two maids of honor than just one.

You avoid hurt feelings.

Of course, your wedding day is about you, but those special people in your life, your friends and family, are also affected by some of the decisions you make. If you think that your friend, sister, or cousin's feelings might be hurt if you don't ask her to be a maid of honor, and she's equally important in your life, Lisa Costin, wedding planner and owner of A Charming Fete, recommends avoiding the drama by asking two women to take on this special job.

There's less work if the responsibility is shared.

Two maids of honor can divide duties. "Each maid of honor may have different gifts and talents-one may like to plan parties, while the other enjoys organizing and creating spreadsheets," says Deborah L. Erb, owner and event planner for Simply Events Inc. "Additionally, one may live close to the bride and can help locally, while the other may live in another state, but can still do research of vendors and help keep the wedding website up-to-date." Know the different strengths of your maids of honor and play to them accordingly.

There's less stress on you.

Wedding planning is a lot to handle, but with two maids of honor, you'll have twice the help. "Knowing that the maids of honor chosen will help alleviate the work leading up to and during the wedding day, will make any bride feel more joy and excitement than stress and feeling burdened by all the work," says Erb.

Communication between bridal party members will be stronger.

If you have a very large bridal party (and don't have a wedding coordinator) two maids of honor may be better than one when it comes to organizing the bridal party on the day of the wedding, says Costin. "They can run interference between the bride and bridesmaids during the planning process or even between the bride and her mother or mother-in-law, depending on the situation." She adds that having two "appointed leaders" in control can be quite helpful for the entire group, not only the bride.

They'll have each other for support.

The role of maid of honor is a big responsibility. Not only does it require a lot of time and energy, but it also requires a lot of guts, since you'll likely have to make a speech at the wedding. Lindsey Sachs, a wedding planner and owner of COLLECTIVE/by Sachs, points out that two maids of honors mean that they will have each other to lean on when it comes to big events surrounding your wedding, from the bridal shower and bachelorette party to assisting with day-of duties and the big speech. "They'll appreciate the added support, while you'll appreciate the extra set of caring hands!"


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