49 Welcome Bags From Real Weddings

welcome box lisa zeising abby jiu laurynprattes
Photo: Lisa Ziesing for Abby Jiu Photography

There's no better way to welcome guests to your wedding weekend than with a welcome bag, box, or basket. A small gift with a few hand-picked surprises is just the thing to make attendees feel like a special part of the big day.

Begin by brainstorming favorite snacks or sips, like monogrammed bottled water, local treats, or miniature bottles of bubbly. Consider additions for guests who may be unfamiliar with the area, like personalized maps with your go-to spots marked, along with the ceremony and reception locations and any shuttle or transportation information. And guests will appreciate a post-party recovery kit: Advil, eye masks, or do-not-disturb signs that match your wedding stationery. Wrap everything up in a stylish (and preferably reusable!) vessel with a thank-you note.

We've compiled plenty of creative welcome goodies, starting with flip-top boxes pictured here: Lauryn Prattes Events curated these with water, snacks, and a recovery kit in a muslin bag with the couple's wax seal. As a bonus, the boxes folded up for easy transport and reuse after the wedding.

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Thank-You Notes

canvas tote welcome bag wedding guest gift
Kylee Yee

Prior to their wedding, this couple hand-wrote thank-you cards for their guests, then wrapped them in lace and placed them inside the welcome bags, which also featured drinks and local goodies.

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Signature Tastes

wedding welcome box with taffy, rose water, rug, rug, soap, sunscreen, and map
Heather Waraksa

This thoughtful bride and groom gave guests a welcome bag from A Signature Welcome, which included a few of their favorite things: Cabot's Candy, handmade organic soap, a bundle of palo santo wood and crystals, and mini carpets, handmade and personalized with their names and wedding date from Azerbaijan.

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wooden welcome box of wedding favors
KT Merry

This couple greeted guests staying at their Fairmont Grand Del Mar venue with gift boxes that included cookies, olive oil, and other treats.

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Keep It Local

lauren chris wedding welcome bag local saint louis items
Mike Cassimatis

Looking for a great way to welcome guests to your destination? Make like this couple, who compiled gift bags with local St. Louis staples, including snacks from The Billy Goat Chip Company and Gooey Louie butter cake.

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French-Themed Gift

welcome basket
KT Merry

Pick a theme and go for it. At this wedding, guests received baskets filled with French-inspired goodies. A Signature Welcome added a baguette and rose-petal confit, a bundle of lavender, and chocolates.

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Filled to the Brim

welcome box lissa ryan photography marigoldgrey
Lissa Ryan Photography

Have your gifts take a cue from the setting, like these beach-inspired welcome boxes did. Marigold & Grey filled seagrass baskets with little parcels sealed with twine and wax to match the couple's invitations. Snacks were kept location-appropriate with plantain chips and dried mango. Sunscreen and sunglasses (there were five styles in total) were tucked in to make sure guests had it made in the shade. And a Turkish towel was folded on top as the finishing touch.

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Custom Logo

wedding welcome bags with local treats, monogrammed water bottle, and visitor's guide
Greg Finck

The couple opted for signature Baltimore treats, including Utz potato chips and Berger cookies. Meanwhile, the welcome tote featured their custom logo—a theme exemplified throughout the soirée.

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Completely Cozy

rustic welcome bags with candy, hat, cup and fall decor
Laura Ford Photography

Custom beanies and a weekend itinerary were just some of the creative contents of this couple's welcome bags.

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Personalized Greetings

Elizabeth Messina Photography

If you're having a small wedding, it's easier to go the extra mile to personalize your welcome goodies. At this intimate destination wedding, attendees were greeted with a pail of edible local goodies, postcards, and a guide to the area. The sweetest touch was the calligraphed tag welcoming each guest by name.

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Lemon and Honey Treats

welcome basket happy bloom asignaturewelcome
The Happy Bloom

Weaving a common thread through the contents of your welcome bag will make them feel highly curated. At this Savannah wedding, wide-woven baskets were stocked with lemon- and honey-themed snacks. A Signature Welcome finished off each parcel with raw silk ribbon in a muted shade of green.

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Cool Swag

lori john wedding california welcome basket
Steve Cowell Photography

Baskets lined with a patterned cloth were loaded with autumnal treats like fresh apples, dried fruit and nuts, black cherry soda, and a bottle of rosé, showing that you can be a little seasonal but still have cool style.

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Pink and Blue Goodies

washington dc wedding welcome boxes champagne chocolate
Kate Headley

Sticking to a color palette or a particular pattern on your packaging keeps a welcome box cohesive. Teak & Twine filled sturdy boxes with treats like mini bottles of bubbly, soap, candy, and a chocolate bar and used various elements from the Cheree Berry Paper stationery suite for the wrapping.

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Bienvenidos a Mexico

eleanor jacques wedding welcome bag
The Love Studio

Getting married in another country? Celebrate the local language by printing a welcoming message on the tote bags you give each guest. At this wedding in Tulum, Mexico, the couple handed out teal-colored totes with local beer, a bottle opener, handmade guides to the area, and "in sickness and in health" bags that included Pepto, Band-Aids, ibuprofen, gum, sunscreen, and bug-repelling bracelets.

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A Modern Welcome

kaitlin jeremy wedding welcome basket
Sylvie Gil Photography

Everything inside these metal baskets was gold or white, and most items were locally sourced. Gold water bottles helped keep guests hydrated over the weekend, while treats like kettle corn, a candle that smells like the nearby forest, and a small bottle of liquor with a recipe card had everyone feeling right at home. Shredded wood kept the contents secure.

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Southern Charm

welcome box lissa ryan photography marigoldgrey hatbox
Lissa Ryan Photography

Go the regional route and stuff your welcome boxes with local staples. Here, Marigold & Grey filled round boxes with monogrammed snacks, gourmet cashews, and honey to show guests some southern hospitality ahead of this Georgia wedding. The color palette of the packaging and ribbons tied in to the welcome dinner, where the couple presented the welcome amenities to each guest.

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A Colorful Motif

kourtney justin wedding mexico welcome bag
The Grovers

Brand your bags, but do it in a way that's not just your names and the wedding date, as guests are more likely to reuse something if it's a general design. This couple adorned their welcome totes with a colorful watercolor motif that complemented their stationery suite by Julie Song Ink. Along with snacks and water, an itinerary helped guests settle in.

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Going Greek

welcome box abby jiu laurynprattes
Abby Jiu Photography

At this Greek-inspired wedding, a bottle of olive oil was just one of the many components guests found inside their wooden gift box. Lauryn Prattes Events tapped Marigold & Grey to flesh out the rest: a Greek walnut loaf, artisanal chocolates, sparkling water, and a few olive branches.

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Favorite Finds

welcome basket studio 1208
Studio 1208

Remember that not everything you include has to be store-bought. This bride pulled together some of her favorite items to share with her loved ones—including loaf cakes made by her sister. The goodies were tucked into a lined wire basket.

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Party Time

welcome boxes beer
Lacie Hansen Photography

Gather local beverages, snacks, a bottle opener and coasters, and a playlist and you're giving your guests an instant party to kick off the wedding weekend.

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Something Blue

welcome box lissa ryan photography marigoldgrey navy
Lissa Ryan Photography

These Marigold & Grey welcome boxes were made with a "Mad Men meets West Elm" theme, and the result was so cool. Cookies with the couple's two German shepherds' likenesses took center stage, while a bag of local coffee, boxed water, and bison jerky rounded things out. Blue crinkle-cut paper kept the contents from sliding around or sinking to the bottom of each box.

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Naturally Appealing

welcome bag eric kelley asignaturewelcome
Eric Kelley

Artwork can really make a bag feel special. A pelican illustration by Dear Elouise graced the cover of this welcome booklet, which was tucked inside a jute bag curated by A Signature Welcome. A bottle of red wine and a petite bar of chocolate were also included.

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Oh So Dapper

welcome basket rachel may marigoldgrey
Rachel May Photography

Why not welcome the guys with a combination of bourbon, cigars, nuts, and cookies in a flip-top basket that can easily be repurposed post-wedding? We love this one by Marigold & Grey.

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Ready for Fall

welcome basket abby jiu laurynprattes
Abby Jiu Photography

It's nice to channel the season, particularly if you're getting married in the fall. At this wedding, dark baskets adorned with silk ribbon (and a tag thanking guests for coming!) were filled by Lauryn Prattes Events with seasonal staples. Boxes from Ikea were stuffed with local apple cider in a small growler calligraphed by Laura Hooper. For those who wanted to spike their drink, a mini bottle of whisky was provided, as was pumpkin-spice popcorn and a snickerdoodle cookie. Rounding out the gifts were hammered-brass apple- and pear-shaped candles and a tea towel that read "thankful."

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Calligraphed Welcome Boxes

welcome box
Love & Light Photographs

This couple had their names written in white on wooden welcome boxes, which contained a mini bottle of tequila, lime candy, and peanut butter cups. Checking into a hotel room with a box like this waiting for you would be such a treat.

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His, Hers, and Ours

Charlotte Jenks Lewis

For this outdoor wedding, guests received boxes assembled by A Signature Welcome, which included Champagne, water, and canisters of snacks. The snacks highlighted the duo's favorites: cheese puffs for him, caramel popcorn for her, and chocolate chip cookies for both. It's just one more way to show off your personalities (and your preferences).

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Subtle Flowers

molly frank wedding welcome bag
Sara Corona

This couple repeated the same floral motif on their welcome bag throughout their wedding, tying the knot, and every aspect of their wedding weekend, together.

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Illustrate It

wedding welcome bag with various gifts
Ashley Brown

The couple had an intimate wedding, and chose a weekend itinerary by Marti Harris Designs with illustrations of each event's location. Also in the welcome bag: customized cheese knives, chocolates, and drinks.

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A Great Tote

stefanie drew wedding welcome bag
Julie Livingston Photography

Give guests something they'll want to use once they're back home. These blue bags are sure to be used again—they're casual-chic and a great size. The couple filled them with some of their favorite things, including Live Love Pop truffle popcorn, Tate's Bake Shop cookies, Moscow Mule ingredients, and Miraval rosé. There was also a Colorbox Letterpress map of their wedding's location.

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Let's Have a Picnic

welcome basket
Joel Serrato

Picnic baskets are creative alternatives to the typical box or tote. This one was planned by Tory Smith and was adorned with a pretty pink bow.

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Floral-Print Boxes

wedding welcome box
Mike Cassimatis

Cardboard boxes can be customized to fit the style of your wedding. Attendees at this wedding received boxes covered in a red-and-pink rose pattern, filled with truffles, chips, and more.

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Wooden Welcome Boxes

welcome box
Elizabeth Messina Photography

The groom built these beautiful boxes, which included olive oil, walnuts, fresh muscari, a do-not-disturb sign, gummy bears, and a reusable tote bag. Don't know a skilled carpenter? You can buy ready-made options, or consider using a statement quote somewhere on the packaging, whatever you choose.

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Boho Bags

welcome bag with gifts
Hunter Ryan Photo

These welcome bags put a focus on purple—there were Turkish towels, tags, and more in the shade. The bag itself was printed with a quote from an e.e. cummings poem, which was later read during the ceremony.

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Miami-Themed Swag

natalie jamey wedding welcome bag
KT Merry

When you go a little thematic, guests will get into the spirit. These bags were themed "Bienvenido to Miami," and were packed with Guayabera shirt-shaped cookies, Cuban coffee, plantain chips, Advil, and mosquito repellent.

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In Season

wedding welcome bag
Jose Villa

When combined, favorite foods, local additions, and personal notes can really pack a punch. For this November celebration at a farm, guests were given the venue's cookbook, a schedule of events, and treats from the area and the bride and groom's home states. A Signature Welcome curated the bags, and the couple provided the handwritten notes.

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julia crawford wedding welcome bag
Hannah Duffy Photography

The couple put together welcome bags, choosing a canvas tote printed with their custom monogram and filling it with chocolates, personalized cups, favorite snacks and drinks, and cookies decorated with two images: the wedding venue and the couple's dog, Finn.

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Cool Welcome Baskets

welcome box
Abby Jiu Photography

Wire baskets like this one are something guests can use to decorate their home post-wedding. This couple put awesome live gifts like potted cactuses in theirs.

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Contemporary Welcome Boxes

guest wedding boxes
Corbin Gurkin

This handsome, gray-washed wood box included black-and-white cookies, vegan treats, and peanuts alongside items like Irish whiskey, Champagne, and boxed water, plus a small map of the area surrounding their wedding location.

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Food and Fun

joyann jeremy wedding welcome basket
Christian Oth Studio

Think about how you'll entertain your guests when they're not attending the events over your wedding weekend. At this wedding, guests received welcome baskets by A Signature Welcome, which were packed full of local snacks and sweets, as well as a voucher for a boat ride on the nearby river.

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All the Staples

wedding welcome bag
Corbin Gurkin Photography

These welcome baskets came ready to celebrate, with kettle corn, Russell Stover candy, two bottles of sparkling rosé, and a post-wedding recovery kit with ibuprofen and eyedrops.

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Seaside Chic

stephanie philip wedding welcome bag
Katie Stoops Photography

These monogrammed totes were packed with a mixture of local and imported treats and weekend essentials, like a welcome pamphlet with details on nearby attractions, plus chocolate bars and bottled water.

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An Italian Welcome

Corbin Gurkin

For their Italian wedding day, this couple packed linen bags with tasty local treats, like amaretti cookies and sparkling Italian beverages, and made sure that their packaging and details (created by Tarah Catalano) coordinated with their wedding's other paper goods, too.

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Well Branded

John Dolan

Think about the material of the bag you're giving, like this bride and groom who gifted their guests a burlap tote for their wedding on a ranch. Then think about how you can make it your own. This one was customized with their "brand" (designed by the groom as a twist on a rancher's brand) stenciled on the front and stuffed with goodies for the four-day stay.

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Bright Welcome Bags

Max Wanger

Get colorful and be bold. Guests in town for this couple's California nuptials received mini Baggu totes, imprinted with calligraphy and filled with SoCal essentials: a beach towel, sunnies, and treats.

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A Weekend in Guatemala

Corbin Gurkin

This couple thought that the best way to welcome guests to Guatemala was to gift them items local to the area: salted plantain chips, coffee, and a booklet with a map and guide to the fun-filled five-day celebration. A striped luggage tag, made by a local women's cooperative using native textiles, doubled as a gift tag and wedding favor. Celebrating the setting of your destination wedding, either with local items or a luggage-tag (or both), highlight why you chose to wed where you did and make the trip all the more special for loved ones.

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Welcome Breakfasts

Corbin Gurkin

Who says welcome bags have to be given out before the wedding? It's all about making your guests feel welcomed, not necessarily upon arrival. In lieu of receiving welcome bags on arrival in South Carolina, guests woke up to a delivery of warm biscuits on this couple's wedding day.

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Modern Welcome Trays

Belathée Photography

Set out goodies on a clear tray and they'll feel right at home. Guests of this couple were welcomed with in-hotel acrylic trays stocked with custom postcards, cheeky do-not-disturb signs, a journal, and wine from Banshee, a friend's vineyard.

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England-Themed Welcome Bags

Kate Headley

Showcase your roots. This groom was British, so welcome bags with English breakfast tea, a Harrods teddy bear, and locally made pastries and granola drove home the Brit-and-Yank theme of the wedding.

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Let's Go Camping

Erin Kunkel

Fill an open basket with food, fun, and information and your guests will love you. This couple gave guests welcome baskets that held water, apples, illustrated maps of area attractions, honey-bear bottles filled with trail snacks, and decks of cards.

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