9 Hilarious Photos That Prove Weddings Don't Have to Be So Serious

Jenny Jimenez

You hired a photographer to capture every single moment of your wedding including the ones you didn't plan for. And sometimes, those OMG moments turn out to be the most memorable of your entire celebration. Need proof? Click through to check out 9 candid photos that feature some seriously funny big-day surprises.

She's just not having it—and who can blame her? Hours upon hours of having her cheeks pinched by old people and wearing tights all day? Frown-on, flower girl.

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The Reaction Shot

Chase Richardson/Followell Photo

This image was captured right before the camera went off kilter and fell to the side—but not before snapping this priceless bridal party shot!

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Bouquet Toss Gone Wrong

Appear Photography

We guess she really doesn't want to be the next friend to get married, huh?

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Going Stag


Don't worry buddy—you won't be the seventh wheel for long.

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The Bride's Best Friend


Someone doesn't want his best friend get married! Who is going to sneak him late-night treats from now on?

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Only in New York

Brit & Co

It's nearly impossible to take a photo in the middle of Times Square without having one of the million distractions get in your way. This couple almost snagged a serene shot until Zach Braff happened to notice at the right time—we still think it's pretty perfect.

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Just Like the Movies

Adam Biesenthal

When Jeff Goldblum attends your wedding, there is no stopping the photographer from re-creating this "Jurassic Park" inspired shot.

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Where's Waldo?


We spotted him! Did you?

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A Royal Wedding Gross Out

Brit & Co

Just because you're royalty doesn't mean your entire ceremony isn't excruciatingly painful for a child to endure. Kissing? Yuck!

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