New ink inspiration.

Not only is Lin-Manuel Miranda an award-winning playwright and composer and an on-stage scene-stealer, the Hamilton creator also happens to be a real-life romantic. The evidence is out there-have you seen the adorable musical toast he performed for his wife, Vanessa, at their wedding? While undeniably adorable, even that isn't quite as sweet as his latest move. What could top a personalized toast from a Broadway star, you ask? Getting a tattoo of his wife's first initial on his ring finger.

The actor took to Twitter this week to show off his latest addition, sharing a photo of that freshly inked "V" on his hand. The tattoo takes up a small piece of ring finger real estate right where we'd otherwise expect to see a wedding band. How romantic is that? Miranda also added a slightly tongue-in-cheek comment along with his snap, saying, "In other news, I got a permanent parking spot for V over the weekend."

It looks like we'll have to wait and see if his wife is sporting new ink to match! Meanwhile, the star has joined the ranks of a few other ultra-adorable celebrity couples who have gotten a tattoo in honor of their significant other. Beyoncé and Jay Z have matching "IV" tattoos (a nod to their birth dates and the date they got married), country singer Keith Urban has an upper arm tattoo wholly dedicated to wife Nicole Kidman, and David and Victoria Beckham have matching tattoos starring each other's name and initials, respectively, on their wrists.


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