Lin-Manuel Miranda has some competition.
Hamilton Inspired Best Man Speech
Credit: Courtesy of YouTube

There's always a lot riding on the best man speech. It needs to be funny and witty, full of stories and just the right amount of sweet. Oh, and it all needs to be done in about five minutes. But this best man took the challenge like a champ, and performed a seriously amazing speech…or should we say rap?

Like the rest of the country (more like world), this best man loved the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, and was inspired to write a speech to the song "My Shot." You have to see the video of this guy rapping for six minutes straight. Lin-Manuel, we've found your new understudy.

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The best man, who is the groom's brother, started out the speech by reciting a "poem" he wrote. "You know what, scratch that," he says in the video. "If I'm going to do anything about Hamilton, I'm going to sing it."

The rap was full of marriage tips like, "First and most important love each other whole-hearted. Open up, trust each other, don't let yourselves be too guarded." But also had a fair share of jokes, "Bring her mac and cheese and Häagen-Dazs and don't forget fries. You're gonna have to compromise and watch Atlanta Housewives."

The crowd was so into it, chanting "they're not throwing away their shot" and "we're so happy Matt and Lindsey got hitched up!" Six minutes with not one mistake, it's safe to say this best man totally crushed his speech.

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