Some of your big-day details are already written in the stars.
wedding reception

If you're getting married in 2018, you've probably already got a firm grasp on at least some of the details. But to ensure your plans are in alignment with your sign, read on for tips from astrologist Deb McBride and see what 2018 has in store for you and your big day.


Don't be afraid to go unconventional for your 2018 planning. "You have become someone new in these last seven years," says McBride. "The entire event should be something no one expects from you, but simultaneously be a profound expression of your new self."


With a wedding on the horizon, it's going to be a Taurus bride's lucky year. While the planets are aligned in your favor overall, there are a few that symbolize something even deeper. "With much outer planet activity in your 9th house of philosophy, you and your partner should write your own vows," says McBride. "Share your individual beliefs about the journey you are embarking upon."


McBride notes that Uranus will be hanging out in the 11th house of friendship next year, so go out of your way to make the big day special for your nearest and dearest. "For the entertainment at your event, you should do something unusual. Don't invite the typical wedding musicians, instead bring in something memorable that no one will forget."


You'll be getting a little guidance from about with Jupiter in your 5th house of creativity. "Leave the stress behind and have fun with whole planning process," instructs McBride. "Remember it's a celebration and that's exactly what you should be doing: celebrating."


"With Jupiter in your 4th house, the focus is on the family," says McBride. So be sure to focus your energy on finding a happy balance between helpful hands and meddling mothers-in-law. But it's not all a challenge, that same family is poised to come through in a big way on your registry. "Don't be afraid to go big ticket!" she adds.


As the detail-oriented bride of the bunch, set your sights on creating the invitation of your dreams. "Go all out. Use your favorite printer, make a big splash, and don't be frugal," says McBride.


"Goodness knows, Libras love a wedding," McBride admits. But the party animal of the astrological zone should be wary about going overboard. "At this time, it will be very easy to spend a lot of money, but this is exactly where you should be cautious. Instead, think of the future home you want to buy and save your pennies for that. It is a more worthwhile investment."


McBride's message for Scorpios is an exciting one: "This is your moment to shine," she says. Focus your energy on finding the perfect wedding dress. "It should be classy, a bit sexy, and stunning!"


Sag bride, forget the wedding-you've been voted most likely to have an exotic honeymoon. "With Uranus in your 5th of recreation, travel somewhere neither of you have ever been and have the time of your life. Let your imagination steer the direction," McBride advises


Busy, busy Capricorn bride, it's time to take a load off. "There is a lot of activity in your sign in 2018 and you will have a great deal of responsibility on your plate," says McBride. "Hire a wedding planner and let them do all the heavy lifting. Don't worry about the cost, it will be completely worth it."


Can't decide where to hold the big day? Think outside the box. "Since you are the unconventional one in the zodiac, the venue should be an unusual environment," says McBride. "Check out spaces that are not typical of a wedding, like your local planetarium, museum, or art gallery."


McBride has two words for you: "Destination wedding!" With abundant activity in your 9th house of travel, this is the ticket for you to bring your loved ones together for a giant celebration in a wonderful environment that you and your intended simply adore." McBride adds that you shouldn't worry about splurging on this once in a lifetime event. You're practical all the other months of the year, loosen the reins and create a memory you'll cherish forever.


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