my best friends wedding movie still
Credit: Tri Star/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

We already know that rom-com classic My Best Friend's Wedding almost had a completely different ending. But now, on the 20th anniversary of the film's release, we're also learning that having actress Julia Roberts' character almost fall in love with someone new at the end of the movie wasn't the only near-miss the production team made. Nope, it turns out there was another actress in line for Roberts' role as Julianne: Sandra Bullock.

"People say, how could it ever be another actress besides Julia Roberts," says Ron Bass, the screenwriter responsible for bringing My Best Friend's Wedding to the silver screen, according to E! News. "The only person the other offer was for, and I'm not sure if she even knew about it, was Sandra Bullock. She's probably the only other actress in the world besides Julia who would have been fabulous for that role. They're the two best people in the world to do that, but that's how lucky I was."

But as amazing as we're sure Bullock would have been in the movie, it's impossible to picture the story without Roberts' portrayal of the slightly madcap Julianne. Plus, the actress herself ended up being closely involved with rounding out the rest of the cast, and even suggested Dermot Mulroney for the role of her BFF Michael, which had initially presented some major concerns.

"We were mostly worried about Michael," Bass admitted. "This happens a lot in romantic comedies, which is that the woman is always the star and the guy is the straight man-he's a nice guy or he's not a nice guy, but he doesn't really have to do much and everybody plays off him. The challenge is to make him not only likable but interesting in his own right: Is this a guy that these two women could fight over?"

We'll let the movie's infamous chase scene, where Julianne pursues Michael, who is in turn running after his distraught fiancée Kimmy, speak to that. In the meantime, we'll be celebrating the 20th anniversary of My Best Friend's Wedding by watching it on repeat all evening long. Does anyone else suddenly want to play Dionne Warwick's "I Say A Little Prayer," or is that just us?


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