Despite previous reports, the royal's big day will appear on the small screen.

By Emily Platt
October 01, 2018
Princess Eugenie royal wedding 2018
Credit: GARETH FULLER/AFP/Getty Images

Not too long ago, Princess Eugenie's fans were faced with some sad news: Unlike Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, the royal's big day won't be broadcasted on the United Kingdom's main television network, the BBC. But now, hopeful watchers have an alternative outlet to turn to: ITV will be televising the celebration.

According to multiple outlets, the Princess of York's ceremony will be featured on that British channel instead. The broadcast will be a special edition of the series This Morning, called, This Morning at the Royal Wedding. It's set to span roughly three hours, and will cover everything from guests arriving to Eugenie and her future husband, Jack Brooksbank, exiting St. George's Chapel after tying the knot.

While Eugenie's wedding may not be big enough for BBC air time, it's actually going to be bigger in size than her cousin Harry's. According to The Daily Mail, she's invited more guests to her ceremony than the Duke of Sussex did. We also recently found out that Eugenie's celebration will be longer-it's extending an extra day to accommodate a third reception. (Harry and Duchess Meghan only had two).

This isn't the only exciting news for Eugenie supporters, though. As People reports, her wedding's commemorate china set has also been revealed. The items feature the couple's monogram as well as other meaningful design elements, including ivy (they live in Kensington Palace's Ivy Cottage) and the White Rose of York (the region Eugenie represents). Interestingly, however, only Eugenie's individual monogram includes a crown-not her fiancé, Jack's. (In contrast, Meghan's monogram did.) With this in mind, it's reasonable to conclude that he won't be recieving a royal title, notes People.


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