You've seen these trendy products everywhere, but can they really help you look and feel your best on the big day?

By Elizabeth Swanson
April 26, 2019
Jade Roller for Pre-Wedding Beauty
Credit: Yulia Lisitsa/Getty Images

If there's one beauty trend that's truly been everywhere this year, it's jade rollers. For those of you not in the know, jade rollers are hand-held facial massage tools usually made of either jade or rose quartz. They're supposed to provide a variety of amazing skincare benefits like increased radiance, refined pores, and a clearer complexion. We were skeptical until we heard that Dr. Lamees Hamdan-a real doctor-created a jade roller for her organic skincare brand, Shiffa. After all, if a doctor uses it, there must be something to it.

We put our skepticism aside and decided to give her Jade Facial Massage Roller. Spoiler alert: We loved the results so much that we asked the pro for her take on the product category as a whole, including what they do, how they do it, and why they're a great tool for brides to incorporate into their pre-wedding beauty regimens.

What are the benefits of using a jade roller?

Jade rolling stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to the face, Dr. Hamdan says. "It also contours the facial muscles. It helps to reduce fine lines and tightens the pores. I specifically use it to reduce overnight puffiness and give my face a more contoured look," she adds. That's why she says every bride should start using a jade roller. "Not only does it make your face more defined, glowing, and less puffy, but it also soothes the nerves when you do this repetitive action every day."

How do you use it and how does it work?

Dr. Hamdan suggests using your jade roller every morning, every night, or both. After cleansing your face, apply your regular moisturizer and get rolling. "If you have undereye puffiness or retain a lot of water-possibly due to salty food-jade rolling in the morning will give you more benefits than at night," she explains. "In the box of my jade roller is a step-by-step diagram of how to use it. You should begin with your neck to clear the pathways, so that when you get to your face, the lymph can flow out unobstructed. It really shouldn't take more than two minutes, and it's very soothing to do."

"Lymphatic circulation relies on muscle movement-for example, walking, exercising, breathing, and yes, massage-to keep it going. Better lymphatic drainage results in better skin quality in the long-term," Dr. Hamdan adds. "Lymph fluid not only eliminates toxins and boosts circulation, but is also rich in infection-fighting cells. So your skin immunity is increased, resulting in stronger skin that is less likely to be aggravated." Plus, by eliminating toxins, your skin becomes clearer.

Does using one help skincare products penetrate more deeply?

When we asked Dr. Hamdan about this rumor we've heard time and time again, she set the record straight: "I don't think so." That doesn't mean that the other benefits should be dismissed, though.

You have a jade roller in your skincare line, but not a rose quartz roller. Why did you choose jade over rose quartz?

"Jade is what has been traditionally used for centuries," Dr. Hamdan says. "It is said that jade provides a little more resistance to the skin (it's not as smooth as rose quartz) so, in my opinion, it does a better job at lymphatic drainage. But honestly, both will work well."


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