Pay attention, brides-to-be.
Mandy Moore Emmys Red Carpet 2017
Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images

This Is Us is finally back on television (the new season began airing this week), so naturally the show's newly-engaged star, Mandy Moore, stepped out for the premiere. While promoting the show, reporters noticed that she wasn't wearing her engagement ring. When asked about the missing jewelry, Moore revealed the important reason, and it's something all brides-to-be should take note of.

When Extra interviewed the star, they asked about the bling, to which Moore replied, "It's getting fitted." "I didn't want to lose it," she added, "so I had to go get it fitted." While the explanation seems simple enough, fittings are something fiancées often forget in the excitement of getting engaged.

It's unlikely that your future spouse knows the exact size of your finger, and while surprise proposals are certainly thrilling, they don't allow for pre-purchase measurements. That's why getting your ring resized is one of the first things we recommend doing after agreeing to marry the love of your life. It may not be glamorous, but it's definitely essential-no one wants the prized possession to fall off!

On the red carpet, Extra also asked the celebrity about her upcoming wedding. "I'm not a wedding girl," Moore said, which was a reiteration of what she's previously shared. "I think it'll be a very quiet, low-key sort of situation. No white dress," she confirmed. Moore got engaged to musician Taylor Goldsmith earlier this month, and recently celebrated the occasion with an engagement party thrown by friends and family.


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