And it isn't just because of the foliage.
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Fall is usually the busiest season for wedding vendors. Why? It's quickly become viewed as the best time of year for flowers, food, weather, and scenery. Since autumn marks the end of the wedding season for most industry professionals, fall weddings mean vendors get to round out the year with the most gorgeous and unforgettable events of the entire year. Here, a few of the very many reasons why your vendors are thrilled you chose a fall wedding date.

The seasonal flowers are unbelievable.

Spring and fall are the best times of year for flowers, but fall is especially interesting with blooming berries and golden foliage sold alongside deep hued flowers like berry-toned dahlias. Each week at the flower market brings a new surprise and florists will tell you it's their favorite time of year to be visiting stalls and foraging out in nature.

Menus can be creative with seasonal offerings.

Catering teams love the season's produce and bounty. Wedding menus can get creative this time of year, with interesting food pairings and gorgeous feast-like spreads.

The days are a perfect length.

While summer days are long, there's plenty to be said about the shorter days of fall. Photographers love fall weddings because the golden glow of sunset tends to kick in right around cocktail hour, casting the perfect light on group photos and couple's portraits.

The color palettes of fall are rich and vibrant.

Autumn brings along some of the richest colors and textures, with deep red and rust tones seen alongside peachy hues. While the rest of the year can be more traditional with lots of whites, pinks, and greenery in the décor, fall brings more experimentation and moody color palettes.

Weather is fairly predictable and mild.

Depending where your wedding is located, the fall season tends to be more mild and predictable than the rest of the year. This is a blessing for wedding planners, as they can relax with the backup plans and ease off their usual weather worries.

Fall marks the end of wedding season.

Finally, fall marks the end of wedding season for the majority of wedding planners and other vendors. Sure, they may have a couple of weddings in winter, but they're likely to get at least one weekend off toward the end of fall and that in itself is something worth celebrating.


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