Bridal Shower Favor Ideas That You Can DIY

Kate Mathis

While favors at bridal showers aren't absolutely necessary, they're a nice touch and a great way to express gratitude for your friends' presences at the pre-nuptial event. Often, the maid of honor, the bridesmaids, and the attending family members chip in to throw the affair, or travel to make it. And, almost always, they've brought a present for the bride along. It's a nice gesture to recognize their time and financial contributions by showing your thanks with a little gift of appreciation.

If you're giving favors, know that they don't have to be store-bought. If you love to craft or have some extra time on your hands, consider making them yourself. The trinkets will mean so much more if they're customized and hold some meaning, rather than being last-minute thoughts picked up at the dollar store. Plus, your guests are bound to hang onto them longer if they know that you put work into them. And, if you don't want to make them all yourself, you can turn them into a fun crafting activity at the bridal shower!

Don't worry—homemade favors don't need to be difficult or expensive to create. We're here to give you great ideas for favors that you can easily put together, without breaking the budget. Whether you prep them ahead of time or provide the supplies to put them together in lieu of playing games at your party, these how-tos are adorable, affordable, and totally doable, even for crafting novices. Even better, there's something for any celebration!

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Opalescent Candy Cones

Raymond Hom

The next best thing to ice cream cones? Candy cones. We used Pearl White mini milk chocolate balls, iridescent film, metallic opal paper, and ribbon to create these gorgeous, girly favors with ultimate shine.

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Flower Crowns

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

At your garden party bridal shower, guests will have no problem creating this floral accessory, thanks to the easy method shared by The Kitchy Kitchen's Claire Thomas.

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Sweet-Tea Favors

Raymond Hom

A bridal shower tea party simply wouldn't be complete without an on-theme treat. With compartments for tea bags and sugar cubes, and a recipe tacked on top, these boxes are the perfect parting gift.

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Coffee Bag Favors

Johnny Miller

End a brunch celebration with a gift that is full of beans—coffee beans, that is. Fill brown paper coffee bags with the bride-to-be's favorite roast and seal with our downloadable sticker label.

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Chocolate Samplers

Lucas Allen

Who doesn't love chocolate, especially when displayed in such a gourmet way?

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Day-at-the-Derby Hats

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

Perfect for a Kentucky Derby-themed party or outdoor fête, this DIY activity lets everyone take home a head-turning accessory.

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Fabric-Tied Candies

Lucas Allen

Cinch bags of candy with strips of floral fabric to add a sweet touch to your springtime shower.

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Mini Rosé Bottles

Bryan Gardner

Consider providing "cheers-ful" favors in the form of mini bottles of rosé cider, which are made even more inviting when given labels customized with a blush stripe.

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Bee's Knees Candle Favors

Bryan Gardner

For witty and warm presents, tie taper candles with our nature-inspired clip art labels.

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Painted Matchboxes

Bryan Gardner

Let the ladies know the bride- and groom-to-be are perfect matches. Apply dots, splatters, or swipes to sheets of paper, and cut to personalize a triangular box of matches, complete with an "XO" pull tab.

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Chalkboard Coffee Mugs

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

Personalized mugs make oh-so-fun favors for a bridal brunch. Serve up the supplies with a side of joe and donuts.

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Potted African Violets

Lucas Allen

Send shower attendees home with blooms of their own. Demure and delicate, African violets are pretty little packages and, with minimal effort, can make a dazzling display.

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Cherry Bombs

Raymond Hom

Have them bursting with excitement—or at least eager to dig in—with these candy-filled bundles that are a cinch to make: Wrap a handful of cherry sour balls in red tissue, twist closed, and add floral-wire stems and paper leaves.

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Paper Flowers

Addie Juell

Create long-lasting crepe paper blooms for your buds and send them home with a single stem or a full bouquet, depending on the size of your guest list.

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Bottled Raspberry Vodka

Raymond Hom

Mixing these totable potables is as easy as whipping up fruit-infused booze, pouring it into bottles, and tying on or adhering a recipe for a Rasmopolitan cocktail to glass bottles.

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Gold-Rimmed Glasses

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

Raise a personalized cup with this toast-worthy DIY idea fit for a vintage fête. Provide stencils for everyone to personalize their glasses, or encourage them to freehand stars, polka dots, monograms, and other designs.

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Flowers-on-the-Go Vases

Casey Brodley

In this project, Joy Cho gathers a few unlikely supplies and turns them into a holder for a fresh arrangement. Use it to show off blooms during your bash, and to give them as take-home gifts to attendees following it.

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Folded Holders


Festoon a variety of pretty paper packages, like the origami mini purse, flower-shaped dish, candy sleeves, and pyramids shown here, to contain goodies for guests to grab.

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Stacked Cookies

Raymond Hom

Give guests a sweet send-off by stacking cookies—either homemade or store-bought—in 3-by-11-inch cellophane bags with sturdy bases. Finish with a sticker made with a craft punch.

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Rock Salt Surprises

Thomas Straub

If the bride is more into savory than sweet, consider this geometric to-go gift of shimmering pink Himalayan salt blocks to let guests know that they rock.

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Fringed Pyramid Boxes

Sarah Maingot

End on a festive note with these party-perfect fringed boxes that can be filled with the bride-to-be's favorite sweets.

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Lace-Trimmed Soaps

Lucas Allen

Soaps tied with dainty lace are elegant shower favors that are easy and affordable to assemble yourself.

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Breakfast at Tiffany's Sleep Mask

Anna Liesemeyer

For a spa-themed shower, let guests masquerade as Holly Golightly herself with this crafty take on the iconic slumber-ready accessory.

Make This Holly Golightly Sleep Mask

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Hanging Flower Streamers

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

It will take even your craftiest friends at your garden party up to an hour to make a flower garland, carving out time for the bride-to-be to keep her hands busy, too—by opening gifts! Bonus: The pretty décor is bound to brighten up your besties' homes post-party.

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Berry Nice Jars of Jam


Spread the love—and perhaps a favorite family recipe of the bride-to-be's—when you offer homemade canned jam as shower favors.

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Fabric-Tabbed Treats

Lucas Allen

Embellish goodie bags when you staple pieces of patterned fabric on the fold.

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Mini Apple Raspberry Pies

Ryan Liebe

Guests will look forward to taking these petite pies home as party favors, whether you bake them beforehand or together for a group activity. Fitting for kitchen- and baking-themed showers, the desserts are darling when individually wrapped in patterned linens.

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Envelope Sachets

Charles Schiller

These bundles of dried flowers and cedar shavings pack sweet scents that travel.

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Stenciled Sacks

Kate Mathis

Decorate muslin bags with custom stencils and use them to corral treats of your choice for the bridal shower.

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