Special touches will make your celebration an event to remember—and it's possible to assemble chic options quickly. To get you started, here are a few favorite recommendations from New York-based event producer, designer, author, and Martha Stewart Weddings contributor David Stark.

Play by the Numbers

One fast way to create visual interest in your wedding venue is to choose items that are the same style, but come in different sizes. With the items, curate groupings based on odd numbers, which is more appealing to the eye. We love the simple sophistication of these polished nickel lanterns from Restoration Hardware for pulling off this idea. The modern shape wonderfully counterbalances the romantic glow of the candlelight. For small to medium spaces, mix three different sizes. If the space is larger, try a variety of five to seven sizes.


Keep Some Consistency

Another idea is to try grouping items in all different shapes and sizes, but made in one color or material. West Elm always has a great selection of mercury glass candleholders and lanterns. We love their newest interpretation, which lines the hurricanes with grout for a whitewashed feel. They pair well with pierced porcelain hurricane lanterns, keeping with the warm white theme while offering a welcome contrast in texture. Line these along the aisle, light up the reception entrance, or style your bar with these glam groupings.

Amara Watercolor Le Pavillon Paper Lantern

Stave Off the Standard

Choose centerpieces that are whimsical and unexpected, and you will be sure to charm your guests. One suggestion is this beautifully crafted architectural lantern from Amara. Drop in a votive to illuminate its details and your work is done.

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Suspend Simple Décor

Under a tent or under the stars, paper lanterns have become a classic inclusion for all types of events for a reason. When hung together and suspended above your party, they provide an ethereal glow that sets the scene for countless romantic memories. We are particularly enamored with this twist on the paper lantern from Luna Bazaar. It is effervescently elevated with a graceful and airy eyelet print.

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Take Notes From Nature

Flowers aren't the only way to add a little greenery to your reception. Embedded in weathered clay pots and topped with fresh moss, these fresh plants from Terrain come in several different varieties that can be grouped together in threes or mixed and matched on your tables to result in vibrant and lush centerpieces. They're shipped to you as is, which means you do not even need to get your hands dirty!

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