An almost inconceivable amount of thought goes into all the arrangements of a wedding, but few things are as painstakingly considered as the bridal dress. Once the day ends, the dress loses none of its significance, and you'll want to take the proper steps to store it. Jonathan Scheer of J. Scheer & Company is an expert at preserving wedding dresses. When brides send their dresses to him, Jonathan's laboratory undertakes an extensive inspection and creates a report on the dress's condition. Beads, crystals, and other embellishments are all tested to determine which is the right solvent to use for cleaning, and the cleaning itself is meticulous and done by hand. A second inspection follows, and any missing embellishments are restored. The last step is to carefully wrap the dress in a conservation grade, acid-free microfiber that resists flames and water. The dress is returned to the bride with a pair of white cotton conservator's gloves so it can be inspected without tainting the material with damaging skin oils.


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