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Pool party essentials to add to your wedding registry

This summer has been a slow boil, and it's only getting hotter! Make the most of this heat wave by planning a not-yet-the-end-of-summer pool party. Find a pool (or beach, lake, or watering hole), grab your friends, and add these pool party essentials to your registry-you'll be sure to enjoy them for years to come.

1. Abyss & Harbidecor Ocean Beach Towels

The only beach towel you will ever need. This bold and bright beauty is made of 100% Egyptian Cotton, which makes it super soft and perfect to dry off. Plus, the bold color is easy to spot at the pool or on the beach ($180)!

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2. Margaritaville Frozen Drink Machine

Trust me on this one-if you show up to a party with this Frozen Drink Machine, you will be everyone's favorite person. It's easy to use and perfect for concocting delicious margaritas, daiquiris, and smoothies. Don't be surprised if you (and your drink machine) are invited to all future pool parties ($200).

3. Patio Party Pitcher

Lots of ice means lots of cocktails! You'll love serving drinks in this funky flamingo pitcher! Mix up a Mai Tai or spiked punch to beat the heat ($78).

4. Patio Party Pineapple Serving Bowl

Guac is NOT extra at any party you're throwing. Indulge your guests in this pineapple-shaped serving bowl. Pineapples are a huge trend right now, and this will become your go-to party pleaser ($38).

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5. Portable Table Tennis

When you're not in the pool, get a game of table tennis going. It's so portable, and you will delight all the guests at the party. Get ready to put your game face on ($40)!

6. Patio Party Anchor Beach Bag

When you're ready to haul it all home, pack up the party in this nautical canvas beach bag. Stylish and sturdy, it will hold up all summer ($54).

7. Oxo Steel Ice Bucket

To host a great party, you need to keep your guests cool and hydrated (especially with margaritas). Invest in a quality ice bucket, which will keep the ice supply going for the whole party ($50).

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