Seat everyone from shortest to tallest? If only you could!

Maui Four Seasons wedding venue outdoors

Everyone wants a good seat, whether it's in a theater or at a restaurant. It's also true for wedding ceremonies, even if they're only 20-minute affairs. Why is a good seat so vital during the vows? Because weddings are such personal events, and seeing the joy on the faces of the bride and groom makes those moments joyous for the guests, too-as long as you can see them. Things can get in the way: other people's heads, extravagant flower arrangements, poor lighting. Make sure everyone has a clear view of your ceremony by taking the following tips into consideration.

Use a platform.

Raise yourselves a few inches off the ground on a platform, if one doesn't come with your venue space. Party rental companies offer portable platforms covered in a variety of materials like carpet and AstroTurf. You could also work with your florist to disguise a platform behind floral arrangements that coordinate with the rest of your big-day décor.

Keep the flowers manageable.

Tall full arrangements can get in the way of seeing what's going on at the altar. If you want elaborate displays, work with your florist to find the best spots that won't hinder anyone's view-this is usually towards the back of the ceremony or behind you, as the backdrop.

Reserve some seats.

It's important for certain family members to have an unobstructed view of the proceedings. Your parents and his, of course, as well as grandparents and elderly relatives should have seats reserved for them. Your closest family and friends shouldn't have to strain their necks trying to see around people's heads.

Get married in daylight.

It's not as romantic as marrying at dusk but it's certainly a better-lit time of day!

Avoid too-cozy gazebos.

A gazebo can be a romantic setting for the vows, but if you're having 200 guests, parts of the structure may block family and friends' views unless they're in the front row. A big crowd calls for renting a bigger structure. Same goes for using flowing white drapes in a tent-like altar: Don't make it so contained that no one can see you in there.


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