What you need to know when you're nervous about requesting the days.
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Credit: Tim McKenna

Wedding planning has been so much fun but the good times are about to end-it's time to ask your boss for days off for the honeymoon. Don't go into your meeting with dread-she may be amenable to your request, especially if she's taken a honeymoon herself. Check out these tips.

Pick the right time.

If you know her mornings are busy, don't ask to speak to her as soon as she gets to work. Wait for when she has room in her schedule to talk to you. Timing is important!

Make sure you'll have enough vacation days.

Be clear that you're not asking for any special treatment-you just want time off that's owed you (or will be by time your wedding rolls around). If you need to take some unpaid days, though, be upfront with your boss since it means you'll have gone over your PTO limit.

Don't wait until the last minute.

Your boss may know you're getting married but probably hasn't committed the date to memory so give her plenty of advance notice. Plan on broaching the subject of time off several months ahead and well before making any nonrefundable travel plans.

Be considerate.

If you know that a big sales meeting that you're involved in happens the third week of May every year, be prepared to get pushback from your boss if that's when you want to take off. (But presumably you picked a wedding date with your work schedule and deadlines in mind anyway.) If taking time off will pose a conflict, have a plan to present to your boss: You'll get the work done before you leave, a coworker will fill in for you, or other solutions that show you're being responsible.


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