DIY Table Runners

Raffia Mat Runner

Alison Gootee

These four runners technically aren't runners. We reimagined inexpensive and portable everyday products to make gorgeous dinner settings.

A straw mat, like this one from Jamali Garden, is a natural choice for outdoor and indoor celebrations alike.

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Gift Wrap Runner

Alison Gootee

This black-and-white houndstooth wrapping paper can double as a swank table topper for an evening reception.

Houndstooth gift wrap,


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Crepe Paper Runner

Alison Gootee

Pink ombré crepe paper is a chic way to show off your style and add color to your tabletops.

Graduated florist paper,


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Vinyl Roll Runner

Alison Gootee

Summery soirées call for a swath of yellow vinyl that won't have a breakdown due to spilled sangria.

Vinyl roll, Canal Plastics Center (212-925-1032).

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