Decorative Paper Medallions

To set up a writing station, hang these decorative medallions above the table to help it stand out. Then have guests write notes on the loose paper. Once a sheet's been filled, they can simply slide it into the plastic sleeves of an album. Voila! An instant scrapbook-cum-guestbook that later can be filled with other wedding ephemera.


The Tools

Four sheets of paper, each cut corner-to-corner into four triangles (16 triangles total)

Tacky glue

1/16-inch hole punch



1-inch starburst punch



With long edge of triangle facing up, twist the right point to the left once to create a cone. Add a line of glue to left side, and press shut.


After glue dries completely, punch a hole on each side about 1/2-inch down. If using lightweight paper, reinforce the area you are going to punch with a piece of clear tape inside cone.


Thread needle, and sew through point of each cone; pull thread together. Loosely pull center; tie off. Sew through punched holes at top. Use a punch to cut starburst shape and glue to center.

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