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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton at the People's Choice Awards
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The People's Choice Awards is always a fun night for celebs and fans alike. After all, the show is all about what fans vote for! And because the setting is a bit more casual than a ceremony like the Golden Globes, celebrities-literally-let their hair down. Naturally, this makes for some majorly adorable celebrity couple moments. Last night was no exception with many of our favorites taking the time to give a special shout out to their significant other. Warning: these highlights may cause major feels.

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Blake Shelton Thanks "Hottest Date" Gwen Stefani

Country singer Blake Shelton had a big night at the PCAs, performing his new song "Every Time I Hear That Song" and winning two awards for Favorite Male Country Artist and Favorite Album. But he couldn't have done it without Gwen by his side and he made sure everyone knew that. "I've got a lot of people to thank," Blake said in his acceptance speech. "All the people that voted for me. Thank you so much. And thanks to the hottest date here tonight, Gwen Stefani, who is sitting out there."

With Valentine's Day around the corner, Blake also shared what he and Gwen will be doing-and it sounds a lot like most people's plans. "I don't know. I'm one of those guys that's always last minute, like 'Oh Damnit. It's here, it's here!," he told ET. "Get some flowers or something. I'm not good at planning surprises when it comes to Valentine's Day, but we'll definitely celebrate. I mean, I won't forget totally. I'll just forget until the last minute."

Blake Lively Makes it Clear Ryan Reynolds Is All Hers

Recently Ryan has been thanking his wife and kids left and right (from getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the Critics' Choice Awards). Last night it was Blake's turn. After winning best dramatic actress, Blake walked up to the stage to get her award and speak out about her leading man. "Thank you to my husband, who's everything to me," she said. When fans from the audience started cheering, Blake was quick to fend them off. "You can't have him, he's mine!"

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Justin Timberlake Thanking Jessica Biel & Son Silas

J.T. took home two awards last night: one for Favorite Male Artist and the other for Favorite Song of the Year, "Can't Stop the Feeling." Now we know that Silas had something to do with the catchy beat, but Justin confirmed this in his acceptance speech-and of course thanked Jessica in such a sweet way. "My two favorite people in the world…My wife and my beautiful son, who may or may not be watching right now," he said. "If you are, Buddy, the nanny is fired. I love you and go to bed and you're the reason I wrote this song." Cutest family ever? We think so.

Ellen DeGeneres Wins Her 20th PCA Award and Thanks Portia de Rossi

If anyone can break a record for most People's Choice Awards won, it's Ellen DeGeneres. Last night, she won her 20th PCA award, becoming the most decorated recipient in the history of the awards. After her acceptance speech, Ellen talked with ET about Portia. Portia then offered her reaction to all of the awards her wife has won. "Oh boy," she said. "Where are we going to put them?...I mean, well deserved." Ellen then went on to compliment how amazing Portia looked. "It's such an accident because she normally doesn't look beautiful like that," she joked.

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