And they're not even engaged yet.
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People are very excited about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship. And by people, we mean the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne. Prince Harry is currently on tour of the region and was honored Monday night by the PM. During the reception, Browne tried to get some information about Harry's girlfriend out of him.

"I understand that there may be a new addition to the royal family very soon," E! News reports the PM said to Harry. "I am told there may be a new princess and I just want to say that should you make the decision to honeymoon-then Antigua and Barbuda want to welcome you." Cue hardcore blushing from the Prince, who looked down at his feet and had no response.

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"We have been voted consistently as the best honeymoon destination in the Caribbean-and one of the best in the world-so there will be nowhere in the world as special to spend your honeymoon, when that day arrives," Browne continued. He later said to reporters, "Yes, I heard about her, and I hear they are speculating that they will now get married," he told reporters later on. "I hope that Harry and Meghan come here for some quiet time very soon." He also thinks that Markle "is a beautiful girl" and they "make a very good-looking couple."

Well, Prince Harry and Markle have only been dating for seven months. And even though the couple seems to be more serious than we all thought, we still think they have some time before planning a wedding-let alone a honeymoon.

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