Tools and Materials

1/4-inch-wide ribbon

Honeycomb tissue balls (we used an assortment of 12-, 14-, and 19-inch balls, and the tissue peach-shaped ornament)



Paper Hanging Globe How-To

1. On a flat surface, arrange closed tissue balls so the tops and bottoms of each touch (see photo; the order of size and the number of tissue balls are completely up to you).

2. If you're using the tissue peach, cut away the green leaf section of the ornament.

3. Measure and cut a piece of ribbon that is the length of all your tissue balls combined plus any extra inches needed for hanging. Lay ribbon across the stapled tabs on each ball, leaving the extra inches of ribbon at the top for hanging. Staple the ribbon to the tabs.

4. Open the balls all the way and secure them with the closure tabs.



Honeycomb tissue from


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