51 Beautiful Chuppahs from Jewish Weddings

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Amber Gress

Many Jewish wedding ceremonies include chuppahs, which are canopies built for the couple to stand under as they exchange vows that symbolizes the home that the newlyweds will share. Because the structures serve as a form of covering, they're most often found at outdoor events. Nonetheless, you're more than welcome to erect them for indoor celebrations. Traditionally, chuppahs hold religious value, but they don't demand an entirely faith-based affair. Brides and grooms may choose to have one to honor their culture and their ancestors, regardless of how else religion plays a role in their nuptials. Like nondenominational arches, chuppahs also anchor the ceremony space, and offer a focal point.

Though classic chuppahs feature four poles and a cloth covering, contemporary couples continue to play with the design. So, feel free to get creative with your version, but keep the formality of your wedding in mind. We've seen plenty of beautiful chuppah styles that feature a wide range of décor elements, from flowers and greenery to unique types of fabric. Your venue, your budget, and other relevant factors can help you establish your vision.

If you love the idea of incorporating tradition into your ceremony, or want to include an emblem that represents your unity, a chuppah is a great addition. The following roundup showcases the prettiest and most original chuppahs that we've seen. Browse through the plentiful possibilities, and then brainstorm what you'd like your own structure to look like. Whatever you pick, the canopy that you marry under should be both attractive and meaningful.

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Riverside Chuppah

eden jack wedding ceremony jewish tradition
Samm Blake

This chuppah was made of wood, greenery, and flowers in colors that complemented the ceremony's riverside location.

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Tropical Chuppah

beach chuppah
Braedon Flynn

This location-appropriate chuppah looked stunning on the tropical beach where this wedding was held.

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Striped Chuppah

Briars Atlas

The base of this chuppah was made from birch, and was covered with craspedia, yellow roses, and foliage. On top, the couple placed a Hudson's Bay blanket that the groom gave the bride at the start of their romance.

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Petal Chuppah

Tonhya Kae Photography

Rose petals were scattered beneath the ceremony structure at this outdoor wedding.

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Tulip Chuppah

cassandra ben wedding california chuppah
Amy & Stuart Photography

This incredible chuppah featured a canopy of hundreds of white tulips.

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Autumn Chuppah

rustic chuppah
Ciro Photography

Rocks held down this chuppah's four corners, while moody bundles were hung up top. Candles were placed on a table behind it for extra décor.

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Birch Chuppah

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Katie Stoops Photography

A family tallit topped this waterside chuppah, which was made from birch branches, spray roses, and eucalyptus.

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Pretty Chuppah

Judy Pak Photography

Wild smilax, cotinus, garden roses, and peonies were all used to decorate this indoor chuppah.

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Beach Chuppah

Luna de Mare

This chuppah stood in the sand, and was covered with white roses.

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Peony Chuppah

The Cedar Room
Jodi & Kurt Photography

Pink and red peonies were mixed with branches to create this warm-colored chuppah.

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Laser-Cut Chuppah

Rebecca Yale Photography

This Chuppah Studio structure was made using laser-cut white fabric.

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Outdoorsy Chuppah

outdoor chuppah
Lisa O'Dwyer Photography

The rustic Flora by Nora structure fit right in at this wedding's mountain location.

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Vine Chuppah

Elizabeth Messina Photography

Aspen branches and hop vines were used to spruce up this large chuppah.

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Wooden Chuppah

Thayer Allyson Gowdy

Celebrities Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg married under a thick chuppah accented with olive branches and wild grasses.

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Fancy Chuppah

Unkempt Willow Branch Wedding Arch with Pink and Orange Flowers
Jose Villa

A monogrammed aisle led up to this elegant chuppah, which was covered with white blooms and a blue cloth.

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Eucalyptus Chuppah

floral chuppah
LisaAnne Photography

This bride and groom mixed purple, white, orange, and blue blooms with sprawling eucalyptus for their chuppah.

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Magnolia Chuppah

The Cedar Room
Jodi & Kurt Photography

These grooms chose a Watershed Floral chuppah made from birch branches and embellished with magnolia leaves, hydrangeas, blackberry branches, and eucalyptus.

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Cactus Chuppah

cactus chuppah
Nicole Clarey

This celebration's chuppah was truly one-of-a-kind, with cactuses, air plants, and other creative adornments decorating the wooden installment.

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Spring Chuppah

wedding ceremony
Paige Jones Photography

This couple tied the knot beneath a peony, wild mock orange, and dee-brush chuppah created by Natalie Bowen Designs.

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Dreamy Chuppah

ceremony arch
Meghan K Sadler

This chuppah covered in pastel flowers looked as if it came straight out of a dream.

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Beautifully-Lit Chuppah

wedding ceremony
Katherine Rose & Luke Griffin of Max and Friends

These two became spouses underneath a draped chuppah, which was lit beautifully by the venue's bulb lights.

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Lovely Chuppah

pretty chuppah
Love & Light Photographs

Flowers were purposefully arranged on this chuppah, which stood at an indoor venue.

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Dahlia Chuppah

perri phillip wedding california ceremony kiss
Steve Steinhardt

This gorgeous chuppah had favorite flowers like dahlias, peonies, and roses at its base.

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Gray Chuppah

gray chuppah
When He Found Her

At this ceremony, the bride and groom exchanged vows beneath a structure covered with gray fabric.

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Assymetrical Chuppah

wedding ceremony kiss
Amber Gress

Assymetrical groupings of hydrangeas, roses, orchids, peonies, lisianthus, and seasonal greenery adorned this cedar chuppah, which was decorated by Designs by Ahn. The bride's mother painted the silk tapestry on top.

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Desert Chuppah

wedding ceremony site
Marissa Maharaj

This desert-inspired structure was crafted using king protea, orchids, roses, anthurium, and more.

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Garden Chuppah

Shannen Natasha of The Wedding Artists Collective

The flower embellishments on this chuppah fit the wedding well, considering that the couple got married in the spring at Central Park's Conservatory Garden in New York, New York.

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Fall Chuppah

Karen Wise

An existing white arbor at The Kaaterskill doubled as a chuppah for this couple's November ceremony. Their florist, Saipua, wrapped it in branches, roses, and persimmons that played up the season's rich colors.

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Unique Chuppah

Johnny Miller

This pair's unique take on a chuppah was made of fabric garlands with balloons in the center.

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Bougainvillea Chuppah

Jennifer Young

This bride and groom topped their chuppah with bright magenta blooms, as well as fresh lemons from their yard.

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Coastal Chuppah

Max Wanger

During their ceremony on the beach, these two stood under a driftwood chuppah designed by Saipua.

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Topiary Chuppah

Elizabeth Messina Photography

This topiary chuppah was crowned with magnolia leaves and featured a crystal chandelier.

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Simple Chuppah

Elisa Bricker

This couple chose a simple chuppah built from river birch and accented with jars of roses.

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Overgrown Chuppah

3 Photographers

This pair were wed at the Metropolitan Building in Queens, New York, under a lush chuppah made by Amy Febinger of Bourgeon using fall foliage and branches.

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Romantic Chuppah

Trent Bailey Photography

This bride and groom became husband and wife before a backdrop of string lights and under a sparingly-embellished chuppah.

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Fabric Chuppah

Daniel Kiyoi

At these nuptials, strips of cream fabric decorated the chuppah.

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Floral Chuppah


This stunning chuppah was full of white flowers and dripped with greenery.

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Heirloom Chuppah

Aaron Delesie

The chuppah at this wedding incorporated the same fringed fabric that the bride's parents wed beneath. It was also adorned with a heaping of greenery.

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Dual-Faith Chuppah

Francesco Lagneses

A unity candle—beneath a chuppah hung with ruscus leaves, ivy, hydrangeas, peonies, and roses—joined this couple's Catholic and Jewish faiths during their wedding ceremony.

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Vibrant Chuppah

Samm Blake

Though these two wed on a beach in Punta Mita, a Mexican village surrounded by miles of Pacific Ocean views, their bougainvillea-covered chuppah stole the show.

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Homespun Chuppah


Because this groom envisioned marrying beneath a tree, and the bride with a chuppah overhead, the pair opted for double coverage. The two exchange vows under a chuppah fastened with material crocheted by the latter's late grandmother, a former costumer for Disney, and a Chinese Walnut tree on the grounds of the Mountain Magnolia Inn.

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Driftwood Chuppah

Rodeo & Co. Photography

This couple tied the knot beneath a driftwood chuppah adorned with eucalyptus and peonies—fitting for their Cape Cod wedding.

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Rustic Chuppah

Aaron Delesie

This ranch wedding was filled with lush, natural foliage, including the chuppah covered in wild flowers and native grasses.

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Lace Chuppah

Luke & Katherine Griffin of Max

For this celebration, a chuppah was constructed using a piece of lace brought back from Poland (where the bride's family is from). It also included hanging feathers, tropical flowers, and leaves.

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Colorful Chuppah

Belathée Photography

At his own wedding, the groom's older brother started the tradition of twining ivy around the base of the ceremony structure to honor their late mother, whose name was Ivy. This couple added the same detail to their floral version, plus warm-hued blooms.

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White Chuppah

Heather Waraksa

Blossom and Branch designed this ceremonial chuppah with hydrangeas, roses, Queen Anne's lace, jasmine vines, berry branches, and trailing greenery.

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Indoor Chuppah

Mademoiselle Fiona

The wooden structure at this wedding, decorated with a flower garland by Poppies & Posies, came from Your Chuppah NY. The groom's great-grandmother hand-embroidered the piece (originally a tablecloth) used as the covering.

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Whimsical Chuppah

Trent Bailey Photography

Four spiraling tree trunks supported a canopy of roses, dahlias, and woodland-esque flora, which this couple stood beneath for their Jewish ceremony.

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Stark Chuppah

Bryce Covey Photography

This couple placed their simple chuppah in front of the family estate's meditation studio, which was covered in ferns for the occasion.

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Pastel Chuppah

Delbarr Moradi

Julie Stevens Design created this white chuppah accented with eucalyptus, roses, and stock flowers.

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Bohemian Chuppah

Charlotte Jenks Lewis

This floral chuppah was topped with a tie-dyed scarf and framed with lilac, spirea, sweet pea, and ferns.

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