Hint: This will lower both of your stress levels.
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Joint decision-making is an integral part of the wedding planning process, but it's inevitable that one of you will end up handling more of the logistics. For many couples, sweet stress relief can be found by simply splitting up some of the wedding tasks, while for other couples it may be more feasible to minimize stress outside of the wedding planning. Either way, it's usually best to tackle wedding stress before it becomes a real issue. Here are a few things you can do to help ease your partner's stress levels while planning a wedding.

Tackle a task.

One of the most helpful things you can do for your partner is to completely take over a large wedding-related task, such as communicating with a vendor and really owning it all the way to fruition. Whether that means being the point of contact for the DJ, the photographer, or the catering team from the time they're hired to the wedding day, tackling a chunk of the planning head-first is a great way to shrink your partner's to-do list. Hint: Catering usually requires the most management.

Encourage your partner to take a break.

One of the hardest things for most couples while they're planning a wedding is maintaining the usual social life. Encourage your partner to take breaks from the planning and go out with his or her friends or spend time with his or her family. You might consider booking a surprise spa weekend for them or taking an overnight trip as a couple.

Help with the little things.

The little things add up to a whole lot of mini-tasks when you're planning a wedding, especially in those final months. Your significant other probably has a long list of mundane tasks you can help with, so roll up your sleeves and dive into doing something you know you can take on.

Show your appreciation.

Making your partner feel that their efforts are appreciated should be your number one priority throughout the planning process. By acknowledging how hard they're working at planning this event, you'll certainly win some affection points.

Contribute more at home.

Many couples find that the wedding to-do list takes over their home life toward the end of the planning and it's hard to keep everything running smoothly. You might offer to do all of the cooking and cleaning for the final month leading up to the wedding or suggest that you both splurge on professional house cleaners and a meal delivery service for the final two weeks leading up to the wedding.

Take over the errands.

The number of errands in those final few weeks before the wedding can be a daunting list. Offer to take over as many of those errands as possible for your partner.

Enlist friends.

Enlisting a friend's help is something you could probably both benefit from. While one of you may need help picking up wine from the liquor store, another may need help stuffing welcome bags. There's no reason the two of you should be doing every little thing when you have a long list of friends offering to help. Take them up on it! Not only does this mean the tasks get done faster, but also you're more likely to enjoy the process if it means you get to spend time with your friends.


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