Set the scene for your first fête as to-be-weds with a mix of songs that sound as celebratory as you feel.
Credit: Kate Headley

A good party playlist speaks to both the audience and the occasion. For your engagement party, your "audience" will probably span generations, with Mom and Dad mixing and mingling alongside your best friends. You'll want to play music that both groups either know or can appreciate. And because the whole purpose of this get-together is to celebrate your big news with friends and family, you'll probably want to stick to tunes that neither distract from conversation nor overpower it. That's why we asked Spotify's Trends Expert Shanon Cook to tell us everything you need to know about curating that perfect tune list, full of celebratory hits that sum up exactly how you feel about being engaged. After reading through the music guru's tips, be sure to check out the below playlist, full of hits that check all of the boxes.

You can't go wrong with Bruno Mars.

The artist is virtually always at the top of engagement party-themed Spotify playlists, says Cook-and for good reason. "Bruno Mars tracks set the right tone. His collaboration with Mark Ronson, 'Uptown Funk' and his track 'Marry You' are the two most popular picks," she explains. "Bruno's 'Just The Way You Are' also appears on the list." Other solid adds include Rihanna's "We Found Love" and Beyonce's "Crazy In Love."

Choose an engagement anthem.

There are so many amazing up-and-coming tracks right now that can serve as the ultimate anthem for newly-minted fiancés. "There are a few good options currently popping in our Today's Top Hits playlist. Check out 'Mad Love' by Sean Paul, David Guetta and Becky G. Bazzi's 'Beautiful' is also great and Calvin Harris' 'One Kiss' featuring Dua Lipa is a great party song," says Cook.

Go for a mix of genres.

"Mix it up however you like," she advises. "For parties, I don't like to limit playlists to one genre or tempo unless the occasion has a very specific theme." Planning on setting up a dance floor at this pre-wedding bash? Lean heavily on dance-pop tracks, says Cook, before chilling out during speech-time with a few downtempo songs.

Avoid songs with any negative associations.

It's intuitive, but worth stating-especially if you have a song that reminds you of someone you'd rather not think of while you're celebrating the beginning of soon-to-be-married life. "This party represents an exciting start to a long life together, so the newly-engaged couple might want to avoid songs that remind them of their exes. Just a thought!" says Cook.


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