Family, friends, and the locale's finest brews—there's no better way to ring in the night before the wedding.

By Courtney Sixx
February 01, 2018
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courtney sixx arranging flower biergarten

Courtney Sixx, Hollywood's How2Girl, is always looking for ways to upgrade the modern pre-wedding experience. Her latest creation? Biergarten-inspired rehearsal dinners. Whether you decide to host your dinner at an actual beer hall or choose to improvise your own with local brews, there's a way to incorporate a celebratory beer tasting into the evening. To make your biergarten rehearsal dinner as creative as it can be, consider Sixx's following tips. From a woodsy, colorful welcome sign to perfect food pairings, here's how to bring a hint of Oktoberfest to your pre-nuptial celebration.

beer garden signage

Wooden Floral Sign

To recreate this on-theme welcome sign, cut out 2 x 3-foot piece of wood and apply a walnut-hued stain. After letting the slab dry, measure the back and attach two screws on opposite ends, then wrap them with wire to hang. Hot glue magnolia leaves around the perimeter; fill in the gaps by gluing on spider daisies or another bloom you love. For a finishing touch, stencil your new initials (in a Biergarten-inspired font!) onto the middle of the sign.

Wooden Placemat

Bring a beer hall's rustic elegant to your tablescapes by creating wooden placemats. You'll need a plywood piece (cut to standard size) for each guest-be sure to look for wood with grains and knots if you like a more natural look. Stain both sides of the plywood using your leftover walnut stain; let dry each one dry before covering the placemats in a clear, semi-gloss waterproof sealer. Once that's dry, stencil each guest's name in the upper left corner. To do that, lay stencil letters down one at a time, filling in with gold paint and leaving about 1/4 inch between letters.

beer garden etched glass

Etched Beer Glasses

Different sized beer glasses denote the different types of brews your guests will taste. The glass's numbers should correspond to the numbers on provided scorecards, which makes rating their favorites a breeze. You'll need numbers 1, 2, and 3 stencils and Martha Stewart Etching Cream for the glasses (simply follow the directions on the bottle). Be sure to arrange the glasses on the top right of the placemat, in the same order at each seat-glass 1 should be forward, 2 behind and to the left, 3 behind and to the right.

Mini Pretzels and Mustard

If you're throwing a rehearsal dinner at a biergarten, soft, doughy pretzels are a menu requirement-they're a traditional accompaniment to beer tasting. Set a few of our favorite savory pretzels on several platters on the table, so all guests can enjoy. Be sure to include assorted mustard sauces for dipping.

beer favors with openers

Wooden Bottle Opener Favors

What better favor for a biergarten rehearsal dinner than a tool that allows you to crack open your favorite cold ones? For presentation's sake, tie a scarlet ribbon around a wooden bottle opener; apply hot glue to the back of the ribbon's bow and secure the ribbon to a vintage beer bottle (this way, the glue won't ruin the bottle opener!). Set the bottles onto a platter festooned with sprigs of pine and winterberries. Be sure to place the platter somewhere near the door (lit up with votive candles!), so your guests can grab them on their way out.


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