Leave it to Ellen to bring two of Hollywood's best power couples together for a friendly game of "Never Have We Ever."

While promoting their new movie Bad Moms, Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis stopped by The Ellen Show, and one thing led to another, as they usually do with the hilarious host, and the women ended up talking about Kunis's sex life with husband Ashton Kutcher. DeGeneres asked the That '70s Show alum, "Are you trying?" after Kunis revealed she wanted more kids. "Like, am I having sex, Ellen?" she asked. "Yeah, are you having sex? That's my question," the host responded. "I want to know how often you're having sex."

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Kristen Bell joined in on the fun, asking her, "How's the sex?" Of course, DeGeneres had to add in, "That's a great question. I imagine it's good." Kunis couldn't stop laughing, but managed to tell the other women, "Yeah, it's great."

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The actresses' husbands, Dax Shepard and Ashton Kutcher, have been friends since they starred on the popular MTV prank show Punk'd together. DeGeneres revealed a very funny throwback picture of the men, which left their wives in a fit of giggles. They also recorded a sweet-and hilarious-Mother's Day message for their wives, telling them, "We put babies in you!" They then surprised the women on the show, bringing them flowers and playing an amazing couples game of "Never Have We Ever."

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  • Some of the questions included "never have we ever used each other's toothbrushes without telling them" and "never have we ever hooked up on set," to which all four actors raised the "we have" card. Serious #marriagegoals right there.
  • Watch the full "Never Have We Ever" cliphere:


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