The 25 superstar knows how to write a breakup ballad, but it's her love songs that would make the perfect soundtrack for your first dance.

Adele's new album, 25, drops today and, like the rest of the world, we've been counting down the days. Of course, there are some heartbreaking breakup songs (hello, "Hello"!), but Adele's third album is filled with a few wedding-worthy tunes too.

To celebrate the superstar's latest release, we combed through her albums to find her happiest love songs to help inspire your first dance. If you're looking for a unique first dance song, this list is certainly for you. Disclaimer: This list may cause you to shed a tear or two (or maybe a few, okay, a lot) … this is Adele we're talking about.

"When We We're Young"

"You still look like a movie/You still sound like a song/My god, this reminds me/Of when we were young." Fresh off Adele's new album, this track is all about reconnecting with past loves-a perfect first dance for the bride and groom with a story of rekindled romance. In an interview with SiriusXM, Adele said the song was about "everyone that you've ever fallen out with, everyone that you've ever loved, everyone that you've never loved … And you're all thrown together at this party when you're like 50, and it doesn't matter and you have so much fun and you feel like you're 15 again."


Adele's son Angelo inspired several tracks on 25 including "Remedy". The lyrics are about pure love and always being there for someone, which is why we love it for a wedding: "But when the pain cuts you deep/When the night keeps you from sleeping/Just look and you will see/That I will be your remedy."

"Sweetest Devotion"

"The sweetest devotion/hitting me like an explosion/All of my life, I've been frozen/the sweetest devotion I've known." It's another song from 25 that was inspired by motherhood, but the melody and lyrics are so happy that it can apply to your new husband or wife, too. Make this song your first dance on the big day and you might find all your guests hitting the dance floor with the one they love most.

"One & Only"

"You've been on my mind/I grow fonder every day/Lose myself in time/Just thinking of your face." Remember what it feels like to have a serious crush? No? We suggest you put this song on from 21 and let Adele remind you!


"However far away I will always love you/However long I stay I will always love you/Whatever words I say I will always love you." This one is a Cure cover, but sorry Cure fans, Adele's version (which appeared on 21) is just too good.


"You can find him sittin' on your doorstep/Waiting for a surprise/And he will feel like he's been there for hours/And you can tell that he'll be there for life." This song, from her debut album 19, will probably sum up exactly how you feel about your fiancé if you knew he was the one right when you met.

"Crazy For You"

"Lately with this state I'm in I can't help myself but spin/I wish you'd come over/Send me spinning closer to you." If you're looking for a ballad that has a more playful vibe, this song from 19 will fit the bill for your first dance. And as if the gentle guitar wasn't enough, Adele's pitch-perfect notes might just send your guests over the edge as you and your new husband sway on the dance floor.

"Make You Feel My Love"

"I'd go hungry; I'd go black and blue/And I'd go crawling down the avenue/No, there's nothing that I wouldn't do/To make you feel my love." This rendition of Bob Dylan's song, which appeared on 19, is so beautiful, we suspect Dylan himself might be a fan of the fresh spin on it. If it doesn't reduce you to a complete puddle of tears, you could even consider it for a father-daughter, mother-son, or first dance at your own wedding.

"My Same"

"I thought I knew myself, somehow you know me more/I've never known this, never before/You're the first to make up whenever we argue/I don't know who I'd be if I didn't know you." On 19, Adele sings back and forth about a relationship where it is a clear case of opposites-attract. You can list all the reasons why you two make no sense at all, but it still works-sounds a lot like most relationships, right?


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