That's one bold groom!
The Weeknd with bride and groom

Wedding crashers are normally a problem, but when they're celebrities, most couples can make an exception. Earlier this week, two more stars joined the ranks of the famous and (originally) uninvited. Selena Gomez and The Weeknd surprised two newlyweds in the middle of their photo shoot.

The pair was out and about in New York City when they crossed paths with a bride and groom. "The couple was taking wedding photos in front of the homes on the picturesque MacDougal Alley, a gated residence in Greenwich Village," an eyewitness explained to Entertainment Tonight. "During the romantic shoot, the groom spotted The Weeknd in a parked SUV," the source added.

Boldly, the groom "approached the car and asked him if he would join in the photos." It turns out that he made the right call-The Weeknd agreed to the request! The source also shared that while "Selena waited in the car" during the action, she "passed along her well wishes" to the couple.

Gomez and The Weeknd first became an item back in January. Recently, a source told Us Weekly that two singers are "rock solid and very happy together." The couple isn't afraid of the spotlight, and sometimes appear on Gomez's Instagram. Yesterday, she shared a snapshot of the pair sitting casually at dinner-the couple seems pretty smitten!


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