Dapper Ring Bearers Who Completely Stole Our Hearts

carey jared wedding ringbearer
Anna Shackleford

Dressing your flower girl can be so much fun—there are so many tiny dresses, flower crowns, and sweet accessories to consider! But you shouldn't forget about the little guy carrying your precious cargo down the aisle. There's no shortage of ways to outfit your ring bearer for the occasion. You can choose something casual and laid-back, like a shirt-and shorts combination, for a backyard bash or deck him out in something ultra-formal, like a mini tuxedo, for a black-tie affair. Your options don't stop there, though. Cool hairstyles, mini bow ties, colorful suspenders, unique hats, and playful socks can all help your young attendant further upgrade his look; if you're looking for inspiration, we have ideas you'll want to see.

No matter how your ring bearer is dressed, it's widely accepted that having children play a part in your wedding only adds to the experience. Some ring bearers, especially first timers, may be shy at first, while others will be excited about fulfilling their roles with a smile on their face. Whichever camp your guy falls into, he's sure to garner smiles from your guests and help you and your new husband create special memories on the big day. Need proof? Check out the sweet ring bearer here. He couldn't help but grin at the camera during the wedding party's formal portrait session, and his dapper suit ensured he looked particularly adorable.

Whether you're looking for outfit inspiration (consider dressing him in a playful suit or giving a unique boutonnière), fun ideas to help personalize his entrance (carrying a sign or waving a flag are two great choices), or simply want to click through sweet photos of young attendants, you'll find that there's plenty to see here. Just be warned: If you're on the fence about having young children be part of your wedding, these photos will likely help make that decision so much easier.

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A Flag Bearer

kaitlin dan wedding ring bearer
KT Merry

If you have multiple little boys you'd like to include in your processional, consider giving them flags to carry down the aisle instead of picking just one to hold the rings. Cue them up and watch as the mini parade kicks off.

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Holding on Tight

porsha terry wedding jamaica ring bearer
Jillian Mitchell Photography

We love how tightly this ring bearer is clutching the box with the wedding bands. His summery J.Crew suit is pretty adorable, too!

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Cuteness Overload

ring bearer loafers cute
Tenth & Grace

We can barely handle how cute this tyke is. The fact that his soft little loafers and rolled jacket sleeves coordinate with the rest of the wedding party's attire makes his look all the more special.

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More Than One

diana alex wedding boys
Greg Finck

This bride's four god sons all had roles in the wedding. The oldest did a reading at the ceremony, but those three little ones served as ring bearers. The foursome totally stole the show.

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Really Feeling It

ring bearer boutonniere vest
Ryan Ray

Perhaps it's his first time wearing a boutonnière. He'll show interest (like this guy did), or totally ignore it. Either way, if he's in a vest ensemble like this one, he'll be adorable.

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He Needs a Minute

Ryan Ray Photography

Three-year-olds are bound to have a melt down every once in a while, so there's a chance it will happen right before he walks down the aisle. In this instance, the ring bearer's mom came to his side to help him make it the rest of the way.

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Ready to Boogie

jessica and kris bryant ring bearer
J. Anne Photography

If your ring bearer is old enough to stay up for the reception, get ready to watch him bust a move on the dance floor. Most kids love to show off their moves.

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Here She Comes

ring bearer here she comes sign
The Great Romance

The bride's nephew served as ring bearer, and carried a sign down the aisle that read, "Eemo is coming" as eemo means "aunt" in Korean. Regardless of your relation, giving a little one a banner announcing your arrival is adorable.

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Major Smiles

ring bearer vest smile
Michelle Lange Photography

Could he smile any bigger? Nope. Could we? Definitely not.

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Double Time

ring bearers gray suits loafers
Maria Lamb Photography

What's better than one sweet ring bearer? Two! The gray suits and laced loafers these little guys wore were perfect for a formal celebration.

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Running with It

ring bearer processional sign running
Theo Milo Photography

This little guy was on the move, no doubt because he was carrying a sign for the groom with some important news.

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Cool Kids

ring bearer sunglasses cool kids
Love Janet

There's something about kids in sunglasses, right? Add in short-sleeved button down shirts with bow ties, suspenders, and a healthy dose of confidence and energy and your little guys are ready for your big day.

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Looking Dapper

ring bearer
Hunter Ryan Photo

If the wedding is taking place in the summer soirée or in a place with a warm-weather climate, dress your ring bearer in shorts with suspenders and a matching bow tie. This combo, from J.Crew, ensured this attendant kept cool and looked stylish.

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Nautical Style

ring bearer hat nautical summer
Michelle Lange Photography

Seersucker suspenders and a bow tie with anchors on them? For nuptials on the beach, it's the way to go. Add a hat to the little one's outfit to keep the sun out of his eyes and up his cuteness factor even more.

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A Five Pack

ring bearers suspenders bowtie fun
Jenny Smith & Co.

These five kiddos were outfitted in suspenders and bow ties for a look that was more fun than formal. As for the littlest one's belly button? That was an unplanned addition.

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Wheely Cute

Elizabeth Messina Photography

What to do if your ring bearer is too young to walk? If you're getting hitched outside and there's a rustic style to your big day, consider an old wood wagon dressed up with greenery.

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All Suited Up

ring bearer flower girl navy blue
Michael Radford

This ring bearer and flower girl look like a mini groom and bride in their formalwear. The little guy's navy blue outfit even had matching suspenders.

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With Man's Best Friend

ring bearer tuxedo dog
Jennefer Wilson

Once this ring bearer met his four-legged companion, all of his nerves about his role surely melted away. The fact that they both wear tuxedos may have helped them find common ground.

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One Stylish Ring Bearer

ring bearer
N Barrett Photography

Just as your groomsmen's attire can cater to the dress code, formality, and season of your celebration, so too can your ring bearer's. Having a fall fête? How about an autumnal, burgundy velvet suit? This one's by Appaman.

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Twice as Nice

wedding ring bearers
Corbin Gurkin

These brothers shared the task of carrying the rings down the aisle and they both seemed to love it. Just look at those smiles.

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Well Armed

ringbearer sword and shield knight
KT Merry

Before walking down the aisle, this little guy suited up with a shield and sword.

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Goofing Around

ring bearer children portraits mountain
Jen Fariello Photography

Kids will be kids, even when they're at a wedding. We bet you'll have at least one photo like this if you ask your smallest attendants to pose for a few portraits.

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All Suited Up

ring bearers black suits bowtie
Amy Arrington Photography

This pair in their three-piece tuxedos—and pocket squares to boot—are too cute for words.

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Summer Fun

Liz Banfield

Since kids don't wear suits or tuxes all too often, ring bearers in more casual ensembles—like these button-down shirt, pants, and neon-laced loafers—tend to feel more comfortable and let loose.

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Give It a Shot

wedding ringbearer
Kate Headley

A key to a successful run as a ring bearer is having fun new toys to play with. One fun idea is to give the little ones disposable cameras to snap some photos with, like this little guy did.

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A Precious Pair

ring bearers white summer wedding
VUE Photography

The bride doesn't have to be the only one in white. These summer-ready outfits were just as cute as the boys wearing them.

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Ready for Summer

ring bearer summer romper peter pan collar
Eric Kelley

A seersucker romper and Peter Pan collared shirt are always a timeless combination, and the look was perfect for this warm-weather wedding.

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All in the Family

Annie McElwain Photography

This cutie carried a ring pillow made by the bride's grandmother—the same one used in her sister's wedding. Perhaps you have a family heirloom you can ask your ring bearer to carry.

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How About A Balloon?

Barb Simkova/Tara McMullen Photo

Instead of a pillow, this ring bearer carried a yellow balloon reading "Here Comes the Bride."

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Like Father, Like Son

Judy Pak Photography

The ring bearer at this nautical wedding served the same role his father did at the bride's parent's wedding.

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Holding Beribboned Flags

Jessica Claire

These twin ring bearers definitely got some "awws" from the crowd holding flags that read "Here Comes the Bride" and "Yay" from TheRitzyRose.

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Casual Yet Cool

NBarrett Photography

These dapper ring bearers wore matching Gap jeans, J.Crew button down shirts, navy striped suspenders, and navy Converse sneakers to go with the casual feel of this wedding.

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Retro Style

Shannen Natasha of The Wedding Artists Collective

Wearing a Zara cardigan and cap, this ring bearer smiled for the camera while carrying a "Here Comes the Bride" sign.

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Sharing Two Pillows

Roey Yohai Photography

These tux-clad ring bearers carried his and hers ring pillows that the bride's mother hand-embroidered with the couples' first initials.

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A Festive Ring Bearer

Kate Headley

In keeping with this wedding's Christmas theme, this ring bearer wore a boutonniere of silver holly.

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Mini Black Tie

Emily Steffen

How adorable does this little guy look in a miniature version of the groomsmen's classic tuxedos?

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With the Band

O'Malley Photographers

The boys at this wedding were gifted with these instruments a few months before the wedding so they could practice before the real deal, earning the name the couple gave them at the wedding: "the ring bearer band."

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Ring Bearer With a Fauxhawk

Shannon Von Eschen

The groom's nephew served as the ring bearer at this snowy Utah wedding, carrying a ring pillow made from the mother of the groom's wedding dress.

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Quite the Ensemble

Carrie Patterson Photography

This adorable ring bearer wore a Marie-Chantal shirt, overalls, and Freshly Picked moccasins.

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Beachy Ring Bearer

Luke & Katherine Griffin of Max

This ring bearer looked dapper in his beachy fedora.

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