21 Ways to Use Delphinium in Your Wedding Bouquet

Delphinium filled wedding bouquet
Cavin Elizabeth Photography

There's a reason why choosing flowers for your wedding bouquet is one of the trickier parts of planning—there are so many beautiful (and fragrant!) options to choose from. Though you likely already have a long list of flowers to narrow down, we'd like to add one more to the top of your list: delphinium. Often referred to as larkspur, delphiniums are a big-day must-have, especially for summer brides (delphinium blooms during the warmer months).

The flower comes in several different colorways, ranging from cream to inky indigo, but you'll find that most florists gravitate towards the classic white and baby blue iterations (Organic Flora put the pretty hue on display in this blue-everything bouquet). This makes sense: White goes with everything, making it a nice add to any mix, and pale blue is light enough to be considered a pastel but pigmented enough to be considered a neutral, so it walks the line between filler and statement flowers. This is actually what makes them so perfect for your wedding bouquet, whatever your vision—the bloom can either round out your arrangement or define it. The choice is yours.

If you've decided to make delphinium your clutch's main bloom (good choice!), there are plenty of ways to highlight the variety. Thanks to their long stems, they often add verticality to bouquets—allow them to tower above the rest of your florals to create a pretty focal point. Alternatively, carry delphinium—and delphinium only—down the aisle. Several of the ahead bouquets prove that the flower stands out all on its own (work in the bloom in two or three different colors for texture), without any greenery or supporting blossoms. However you choose to incorporate the floral into your bridal bouquet, know that you can't go wrong with delphinium, a bud that's as romantic as florals come.

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One Bloom, Two Ways

long stemmed blue and white delphinium wedding bouquet
Ether & Smith

Delphinium most often comes in pale blue, which makes it the ultimate central bloom for brides that want to carry their "something blue" down the aisle. Though the elongated bloom (the flower grows on branch-like stems) looks pretty all on its own thanks to its distinct coloring, make like California Florals and pair it with its white iteration, still in the budding phase. The result? A texturized arrangement that feels like it's comprised of two florals, as opposed to just one.

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Matching Ribbons

pink and blue floral wedding bouquet with matching ribbons
Anna Kardos Photography

Note how Petals By the Shore matched this arrangement's flowing ribbons to its floral color palette—the blue streamers referenced the bouquet's delphinium, while the pale pink ones nodded to the spray and garden roses and tulips.

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Wedding White

white floral and greenery large wedding bouquet
Melissa Gebert

Traditional brides, if a classic white bouquet is on your wedding must-have list, consider sharing this Poppies and Twine arrangement's flower composition with your florist: Creamy dahlias, scabiosa, and ranunculus add lushness and breadth, while ivory delphinium creates a statement vertical moment.

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Pink and Blue

pink and blue ribbons wrapped around pink and blue floral wedding bouquet
Kerry Jeanne Photography

You can accent a mostly-pink bouquet with a shock of cerulean (delphinium works best!) for a distinct, but soft color contrast, as evidenced by this Bond in Bloom clutch.

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long stemmed delphinium wedding bouquet
Elias Kordelakos

If delphinium just so happens to be your favorite flower, feel free to skip greenery and filler blooms altogether and carry it solo. Flank several vibrant blue stalks with bright white ones for texture—Flowers Living tied this spray together with a pale ribbon that wouldn't detract from the color contrast.

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Muted Tones

muted tones wedding floral bouquet
Brittany Jean Photography

Though delphinium is a springtime bloom, there's a way to make this romantic bud work for your autumnal arrangement. Color Theory Collective paired just a few of these pale-blue buds with garden roses and carnations in muted earth tones—like gold, rust, and nude—when creating this fall-inspired mix, which also featured trailing greens.

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Classic Shape

pink and blue even stem cut bouquet with white ribbon
Carla Gates Photography

As you've likely noticed, delphiniun adds a moment of statement verticality to wedding bouquets (their stalks extend far beyond the other blooms used). Fitting this elongated bud into your classic round clutch, however, is absolutely possible—this Tulip arrangement is proof that it's as simple as snipping the stems. The result? A contained, traditional mix with a pop of modern blue color—the best of both worlds.

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Just a Touch

bride holding bouquet with multi-colored roses
Brittany Mahood

Delphiniums make major statements when arranged solo—but they work as a subtle accent floral, too, as evidenced by this mix by Academy Florist (the flower brought a soft touch of blue to the rose- and peony-centric arrangement).

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Pretty Pastels

shelby preston wedding bouquet
Jake and Heather Photography

Pastel-lovers, you're in luck—thanks to delphinium's pale blue hue, the floral works well with just about every watercolor-esque hue, from lilac and blush to peach. This garden roses, peonies, and ranunculus clutch by Meristem Floral referenced all of those colors, plus one more—soft gold.

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poppy bouquets michelle roller
Michelle Roller

This '70s-inspired Eden Florals bouquet showcases a delphinium variety worth considering if you're drawn to rich jewel tones. How pretty does the sapphire-toned bud look alongside a myriad of wildflowers?

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summer wedding bouquets emily sacco
Emily Sacco

Consider deconstructing a delphinium branch and using its buds throughout your arrangement—think delphinium moments, as opposed to just one—à la this Lalé Florals bouquet.

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Pretty in Pink

wedding bouquet with branches
Carmen Santorelli Photography

Who knew that delphinium also existed in pink? This blush variety is the perfect add to a mostly-pink arrangement, like this one by Siren Floral Co. The pros used delphinium and cherry blossoms to give the clutch shape.

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Blue and Yellow

poppy bouquets justin demutiis
Justin DeMutiis Photography

We don't like to play favorites when it comes to wedding flowers, but we're seriously loving this Braun's Fine Flowers bouquet's main floral pairing: Bright yellow parrot tulips and ocean-blue delphiniums (interspersed with peach and cream garden roses).

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Blue Counterparts

bride bouquet
Kaley Elaine Photography

Use delphinium to play up another blue bloom your clutch. E Johnston Designs did just that with this bride's bouquet—the delphiniums arranged at the back drew eyes towards the statement hydrangea bunch (in the same hue!) at the front.

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blue bouquet josh dana fernandez mibellarosa
Josh & Dana Fernandez

When it comes to delphiniums, more really can be more. Take this bushel of blooms, for example. Mibellarosa paired two shades of the blue flower for a nuanced, tonal one-flower bouquet.

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Dusty Rose

jeanette david wedding desert bouquet bride
Maria Lamb

Notice how white delphinium stalks frame the focal point of this Soil & Stem mix: dusty, desert-hued roses.

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White, light blue, and purple floral bouquet
We Are Bubblerock

Delphiniums can work in all types of arrangements, from modern- and bohemian- to vintage-inspired bouquets. Speaking of the latter: The bloom made an appearance in this decidedly Old-World La Bicyclette arrangement, complete with an elongated shape and classic blooms, like astilbe and roses.

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extra long stemmed white floral wedding bouquet arrangements
Sylvie Gil Photography

Brides looking to make a statement, take advantage of this flower's naturally-long stems for a dramatic elongated arrangement, like this romantic, delphinium-only bouquet by Florésie.

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petite delphinium wedding bouquet
Dear Lovers Photography

Alternatively, keep your delphinium-centric arrangement small enough to fit in the crook of your arm (all you have to do is make like Taya Glynn of Compass Floral and snip those stems!).

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three color delphinium wedding bouquet
The Masters in Love

True delphinium lovers will appreciate this Doris Ione arrangement, which incorporated not one, not two, but three colorways: pink, purple, and cream.

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